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More Bump Listings?

Started by Captain Starwind, June 06, 2015, 07:24:53 PM

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atombomb horse

I wish i could find some recordings as well.  I found some on the internet archive like one of Case Closed and one of the full night where they gave Inuyasha movie 1 and 2.  There was also one of family guy which is good to see back when the 4:3 shows were shown properly and not stretched badly to fill the screen for hd.
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smooooth has a few recordings (still not very many), which is extremely unfortunate. Other than that, I agree with you guys, it would be awesome if there were more recordings on the web.

atombomb horse

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You have to get an invite code from a premium user. Sadly I'm not one yet so I can't help you out there, but I can help you find where to get one. I got mine on Reddit here I just waited for someone to post an offer and asked for it and they sent it to me. You may have luck making a seperate post asking for it, but those arent always successful. Heres a link to all the Myspleen offer posts.
Just make a reddit account (unless you already have one), and check there every couple days until someone posts an offer. You gotta act fast tho because a lot of people want invites to MS. A lot of them ask for "ratio proof", and I don't know what that means exactly, but when I got my invite they didn't ask me for it, so you may get lucky like me (also I said I was new to this so that might be why). Theres probably other places to get invites from but reddit was the easiest one I could find.

I want to try to share some of the recordings I've downloaded from there here, but I dont know how people there would feel about that, so I'm hesitating. Also theyre big files. If I do end up sharing them, it'll only be one or two.

atombomb horse

What are some of the stuff on there? Do they have actn bumps from 2005-2007? Or Generic AS Bumps they used on Saturdays in 2006-2007 like these ?  What shows?
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Most of the things on the adult swim section of site are newer shows like Eric Andre, Rick and Morty, etc, as well as really old shows like Space Ghost and streams from the adult swim website like Fish center stuff, and a few other random shows like ATHF etc. There are also recordings up on there (I would say like 5-10% of the adult swim part is recordings). Not a lot of AcTN, unfortunately, although there's like 700 pages of downloads up there so maybe I just haven't found any yet. I know one of them was of a night where they had an Inuyasha movie, but I haven't watched it yet. There's also a few random valuable things like how someone uploaded the entire library of Bumpworthy (which of course I immediately downloaded haha).

I downloaded most of the recordings I could find (still probably a whole lot left to download), but I haven't watched them all yet. The only ones I watched so far was a boondocks recording from 2005 and I remember one of the bumps being the AS transit map bump, another recording had the classic "everyone out of the pool" bumps, and another one I remember had a bump I didn't recognize, with a stuffed bear in a hockey mask holding a sign with jazz music in the background in some room. Those are the only that I remember sticking out to me in the ones I watched, but there probably more, but not many AcTN ones, if at all though. At least I haven't seen any in the ones I downloaded.

I'll try to follow up after I watch through all of these, if I see anything else. I would still recommend trying to get onto there, there's some gems on there if you look hard enough.

atombomb horse

Yeah I think those recordings with the Inuyasha Movies are on Internet Archive.  On there there is...

Inuyasha Movie 1 day on 5/21/05 which has Toonami One Piece, etc.  Then for [as] has

*part of a Futurama episode (has Advisory and Futurama intro bump with Fry's Head outline)

*The 2nd Samurai Champloo episode (has the 4 Samurai Champloo bumps on there except that the Blue one with Jin has the song from Don't Even Try to Read this.  It is NOT uploaded to Bumpworthy.  It must have not aired very long as when the May 2005 AcTN bumps came out they changed the song to the laid back one that is on bumpworthy)

*Inuyasha movie 1 (Has all tokyo bumps, This might have been the last time they all aired. On May 28, 2005 the 10 second AcTN bumps came out like Atom Bomb and Horse, AcTN Owl, Crane Head, etc.)

Inuyasha Movie 2 day 8/27/05 - Also starts the recording with Toonami stuff.  The AS stuff includes...

*Futurama episode (Has Advisory and all 4 of the old futurama bumps. Outline of benders head, Outline of Frys head, Bender Shadow, Evil Bender)

*Inuyasha episode (Inuyasha Dog bark, AcTN Spiral and 1 handed guy, AcTN Spread, Fun4Adults Red Pac Man)

*Inuyasha movie 2 (has it's own bumps saying Inuyasha Movie 2 will begin, will return, etc.  None of them are on bumpworthy.  They all have the Crane Head Version 2 song)

A recording of Case Closed Richards Class Reunion part 1 that aired at 5:30 AM in the Summer 2005 (has Open Wide to Swim, Dawn is your enemy, etc)

Family Guy episode Peter Peter Caviar Eater (Has text bumps and that one with the bear and the mask you mentioned)
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Captain Starwind

Quote from: atombomb horse on November 05, 2016, 08:00:37 PM
how can i get on there?

If you still need an invite let me know.  Turns out I'm a member of MySpleen :P

atombomb horse

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Captain Starwind

Alright I PMed you a link.  Sorry for the wait, have to wait until I'm off my campus wifi to access Myspleen.

atombomb horse

Bump listings June 1st, 2005 (Video from myspleen)

Futurama 11:00 pm
1. Williams Street Closed (30 seconds)
2. We're on Vacation...
3. Office Hours, No Hours
4. Plastic Animals

Family Guy 11:30 pm (episode also on internet archive)
Same as 11 pm

Harvey Birdman 12:00 am
Same as 11 pm

I guess this weekday AcTN bumps lineup officially started June 2005...

Inuyasha 12:30 am/3:30 am
1. Inuyasha Intro - Dog Barking
2. Atom Bomb & Horse
3. AcTN Green Spinning One Armed Guy
4. AcTN Owl

Fullmetal Alchemist 1:00 am/4:00 am
1. It Is Time For More
2. Crane Head v1
3. AcTN Character Spread
4. Don't Even Try To Read This

Ghost In The Shell 1:30 am/4:30 am
1. Fun 4 Adults
2. The Best Things Are Collectives
3. Clouds Over Williams Street v1
4. We'd Like To See You Try

Lupin The Third 5:00 am
1. Adult Swim Subway
2. Williams Street Mills
3. Adult Swim Master Control
4. Shoot The Freak

Case Closed 5:30 am (episode also on internet archive)
1. Now In Lush Color
2. Making Your Future
3. Open Wide To Swim
4. The Dawn Is Your Enemy
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atombomb horse

Sunday, April 3, 2005 Listings (Video from myspleen)

Family Guy 11:00 PM/2:00 AM
1. Hello and welcome., We'd like to thank you for watching.
2. Day after today, Futurama and Family Guy swap
3. Last week, Seth MacFarlane gave a talk at WashU
4. Did we mention our spy at WashU snagged a photo too?

Robot Chicken 11:30 PM/2:30 AM
1. Standby for an Important Announcement, Kronos 13th hour Daylight Savings
2. Kronos Here, that hour I gave you earlier?, GONE!

Aqua Teen Hunger Force 11:45 AM/2:45 AM
1. On Monday March 28, 2005, [adult swim] is rated alone for the first time.
2. Seafood Commissioner Concept Art

Tom Goes To The Mayor 12:00 AM/3:00 AM
1. Have you met Doug?
2. For those of you who caught Squidbillies last week...

Sealab 2021 12:15 AM/3:15 AM
1. We all went and saw mc chris at the Drunken Unicorn.
2. Congratulations to the Respek Knuckles!

Venture Bros 12:30am/3:30am
1. Delusional Anime/Comedy Fan Ratings
2. Highest Rated Adult Swim Programs Last Sunday
3. Popeye and The Clampett Show are interim programs in the 5am block. Popeye & Trigun same ratings
4. The Real Saturday Ratings

The Oblongs 1:00am/4:00am
1. Swim & Western Bridge
2. When Did You Stop Remembering
3. Williams Street of The Future
4. We Are Sending You This

Home Movies 1:30 am/4:30 am
1. Green Girl in a Box
2. Love Us Harder
3.Tomorrow Starts Today
4. Adult Swim is Your Friend

Popeye Show 5:00am
1. Popeye Ship
2. U.S.S Adult Swim
3. Enlist in the Adult Swim
4. Swim into the Future

Bob Clampett Show 5:30am
1. Now in Lush Color
2. Making Your Future
3. Open Wide To Swim
4. The Dawn is Your Enemy
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atombomb horse

Sunday February 27th 2005 I Will finish this when i finish watching the whole thing...

The Oblongs 1:00 am/4:00 am
1. Clowns
2. Briefcase Fighting
3. Viewer -> Squirrel, Healthy Programs -> Food
4. We Are Sending You This, Please Catch it

Home Movies 1:30 am/4:30 am
5. Adult Swim Aptitude Test [X]
6. Comedy Nuggets
7. The Bump Master 5000 [X]
8. Adult Swim is Your Friend

[X] means not on bumpworthy

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atombomb horse

Sunday January 9th 2005

1AM Mission Hill
1. Snow Flake [X]
2. Stubbs Line
3. Pink Lady
4. Adult Swim Truckin'

1:30AM Home Movies
1. Business Thrives In Terre Haute Bumps bound for Atlanta
2. The Longest Hallway in The World
3. Adult Swim Handmade in the USA
4. Adult Swim is Your Friend
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atombomb horse

Sunday April 17th 2005

1AM The Oblongs
1. Swim & Western Bridge
2. When did you stop remembering
3. Why Not Us
4. Don't Die

1:30AM Home Movies
1. Green Girl in a Box
2. Love Us Harder
3. Tomorrow Starts Today
4. Adult Swim Is Your Friend
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