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Started by terrorist96, June 05, 2011, 12:22:08 PM

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How about a view counter below all the bumps to show how many views it's gotten?
Does the site keep track of it? If so, it should be retroactive and post the views that past bumps have gotten before the implementation of such a thing.


Dont Haunt Me

I don't imagine the site keeps track of it. I mean why keep it as a hidden feature?  :roll:

The whole idea wouldn't hurt, but I don't see it as all too important. The like system they have let's you know which ones are really popular. (relatively)

Still, couldn't hurt. I'm still waiting on a comment system though.
It don't matter, none'a this matters.


Not a bad idea, although I think counters won't work retroactively. I might be wrong, though.
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We only have counters for audio and video downloads, spanning back to ~2006 I believe.  We used to list popular bumps (based on those metrics).  I guess it could be done again pretty easily.

I don't really like displaying views because its so easy to fool any kind of counting system, and they are rarely accurate.  We do track page views, but that data isn't going to be shown anywhere.  Unfortunately I don't have any page view statistics before BW 4.0, so I couldn't do that even if I wanted to.