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Author Topic: Pokemon Fanfic  (Read 6030 times)


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Pokemon Fanfic
« on: June 25, 2006, 10:23:22 PM »

15 years in the future, Team Rocket has taken over the world and all its inhabitants abusing pokemon and human beings alike.

*Pikachu smoking a cig*
Pikachu: Dawg, I gotta find myself. *Sternly looks out toward the ocean*
Bulbasaur: If it isn't my old pal Pikachu! *pets*
Pikachu: Bulbasaur! What an unexpected surprise! How ya doing buddy?
Bulbasaur: Great, but I wish the same could be said for the rest of the pokeworld.
Pikachu: What's wrong?
Bulbasaur: *Eyes shake with anger* Pokecenters...

(Vermillion City 9:45 pm)
Radio: Officer Jenny, we've got a report of wild pokemon graffiti at the pokecenter downtown
Jenny: I'm on it!

(At the pokecenter)
Bulbasaur:... and you shall free my people from this enslavement or suffer dire consequences!
Professor Oak: Is this how I raised you?! To endanger the lives of so many innocents! I cannot allow this to go on...
*Bulbasaur lashes out his vine whip and strangles Professor Oak*
Bulbasaur: I lead the new world order, old man... *crushes Oak's windpipe*
(Jenny arrives at the scene)
Jenny: Freeze punk! *shoots Bulbasaur*
Bulbasaur: Buuullllbbbaaahhh!!!
Pikachu: B-bulbasaur.. NOOOOOOO!!!
Jenny: *chuckles* He was nothing more than target practice.
(Pikachu powers up and electricity begins to surround him madly)
Pikachu: You murdered my best friend. You took his life away without mercy! I will make you feel pain beyond pain!
(Jenny fires rapid bullets at Pikachu, but they deflect off of the energy being emitted from his body)
Jenny: *Eyes shake in fear* N-nooo!
(Pikachu uses his agility to rip through Jenny's body so fast that the blood particles coming from the hole in her chest hang in the air for seconds before she drops down in a pool of her own blood)
(Pikachu rushes to Bulbasaur)
Pikachu: Bulbasaur say something!
Bulbasaur: Pikachu... it's up to you... you must make a stand and lead the pokemon rebellion... meet up with Ash at Saffron City... he'll know what to... *Bulbasaur coughs up blood and dies briefly*
Pikachu: BULLLLBBBBAASSSSAAUURR!! I will continue the battle, old friend.

Pikachu continues his quest to end pokemon oppression but in the meantime...
(At Team Rocket HQ on Cinnabar Island)
Jesse: I sure hope master will give us another chance...
James: All we need is a little bit more time.
(Lt. Jesse and Lt. James enter the main quarters of HQ along with two other figures and come face to face with Giovanni, the leader of Team Rocket)
James: Master Giovanni *salutes*
Giovanni: Sit.
James: I'll stand...
James: *shakily* Y-yes master *sits*
Giovanni: Now then James, have you completed Operation Raikun?
James: N-no sir.
Giovanni: WHY NOT?!
James: W-well sir, there seems to be some problems trying to achieve Raiku's perfected form... It keeps holding back, resisting our force...
Giovanni: I don't want your lame ass excuses! You get down to the lab and find a way to give me Raikun!
James: *gulps* Y-yes sir.
Giovanni: Now then Jesse... I am aware that you have brought me the two apprentices?
Jesse: Yes master *bows* they are here...
(Ash and Gary walk out of the shadows in handcuffs toward Giovanni's chair)
Giovanni: *chuckles* The legendary pokemon trainers Ash Ketchum and Gary Oak stand right here before my very eyes... this is just to great to be true!
Ash: Asshole...
James: *rises and punches Ash* Show respect to your new master!
Ash: *stands up* I will never pledge my loyalty to you Giovanni! You have done terrible things that cannot be forgiven! I'd rather die...
Giovanni: Very well then, have Meowth escort Mr. Ketchum to the prison chambers until he undergoes an imminent change of heart.
Ash: *sarcastically* pft... like that'll ever happen...
Giovanni: Ketchum, you are aware that the age of weak, tormented souls has come to an end... I will not be defied *Giovanni knocks out Ash and Meowth carries him out of the room*
Giovanni: So Gary Oak... do you share the same feelings as your companion?
Gary: I am willing to pledge full loyalty to you, your excellency, and I will assist Team Rocket's operations to the best of my abilities. *bows deeply* And on a side note, Ash Ketchum is my bitter enemy, not companion.
Giovanni: You've done well. Lt. Oak, report back here at 1800 hours for your first mission.
Gary: *bows* sir.

At Vermillion City, Pikachu prepares to board the St. Anne on his journey to Saffron City, but before that, he enlists the help of Charizard who is being imprisoned at the Vermillion Gym.
(Pikachu enters the gym)
Pikachu: Charizard!
Charizard: *in chains* ...
Pikachu: *angered* What's the meaning of this Lt. Sarge?!
Sarge: He attacked one of my Voltorbs and destroyed it and then proceeded to engage Raichu before I defeated him with a bucket of water. Now he's powerless!
Pikachu: Let him go! I'm sure he had sufficient reason to attack your hard ass pokemon.
Sarge: *grins* Charizard is in my captivity. I suggest you leave now unless you wanna get roughed up.
Pikachu: *spits* Bring it on...
Sarge: Raichu attack him with your thunderbolt!
Raichu: Ay ay sir! *fires massive thunderbolt at Pikachu*
Pikachu: *Moves out of thunderbolt's path* Ha! Dodged it. That was too easy.
Sarge: Think again.
(The lightning bolt deflects off the wall and comes back in Pikachu's direction just floating over his head)
Pikachu: wha--!!
Sarge: I have re-inforced the walls in my gym with materials that repels thunder attacks, but magnifies the effect ten times. If hit, death is a distinct possibility.
Pikachu: *thinks* What can I do? If I use thunder attacks I could very well pose a threat to my own life, but it's the only way to defeat Raichu!
(Pikachu and Raichu go into a fury of thunder attacks dodging every attack that deflects off the wall until the room is a zigzag of thunderbolts. Fearing for his own safety, Lt. Sarge runs a control panel and attempts to nullify the walls' effects)
Sarge: I can't put my own life at risk any lon... ahhh!!
(As Lt. Sarge attempts to drop the lever, a powerful thunderbolt deflects off the wall and strikes him in the back of the neck, killing him)
Raichu: Saaaaarrggggee!!! *Raichu powers up in an enraged state with tears and begins to absorb all of the energy in the room*
Pikachu: Raichu stop! You can't control all of that power, you'll kill yourself!
Raichu: I will destroy you!! MURDERER!!! *Raichu releases all of his power out of control destroying the entire gym while Pikachu finds a can and uses it as a shield*
(And after the battle)
(Vermillion Gym has been reduced to rubble and in the center lies an energy-drained Raichu on the verge of death; Pikachu rises from the rubble bleeding severely and stumbles toward Raichu)
Pikachu: Raichu... Raichu get up.
Raichu: *tears* Pikachu.. you.. you didn't kill him, I am at.. fault..
Pikachu: Raichu, we have to get you to a pokecenter!
Raichu: *Holds Pikachu's paw* I'm not gonna make it.
Pikachu: Don't say that! Hold on, I'll get help! Don't die!
Raichu: Pikachu... There is something I must tell you.. you are... my younger brother... *Raichu's eyes close as his life dies out*
Pikachu: *eyes shake with sadness* I'll always keep you near me.. big brother.
(Charizard arrives from the ashes of Vermillion Gym, unscathed)
Pikachu: Charizard, you're alive!
Charizard: Did you actually think that pathetic Sarge could contain me?! Haah! What a fool...*Charizard goes over to Sarge and gives his body a rough kick*
Pikachu: Let's get going. We need to go to Saffron City!
Charizard: Count me out. I walk my own path *Charizard turns*
Pikachu: Did I mention that Ash is there?
Charizard: *Eyes shake with disbelief* A-Ash...
Charizard: *Turns* Let's go. Lead the way.
Pikachu: Alright! I knew there still some heart left in you!
Charizard: Oh believe me, I'm not doing this for you.

(Meanwhile, in a jail cell thousands of miles away)
Meowth: The master wishes to see you.
Ash: ...
Meowth: Not talking eh? *punches Ash in the chest*
Ash: ...
Meowth: keep acting like a hardass and you'll regret it! Meowth that's right.
(Meowth leads Ash into Giovanni's chamber)
Giovanni: Ash Ketchum. This is your last chance to accept our alliance. Do you agree to my terms?
Ash: Yes. I pledge my loyalty to you... master.
Giovanni: *surprised* Excellent. But to prove your loyalty I've brought a trump card.
(Giovanni opens a curtain revealing Misty half naked and in chains)
Giovanni: As you can see, I've already had my fun with this girl. Now I want you to strike her with your fist.
Ash: You monster!!
Giovanni: Punch her or die!
(Ash approaches Misty)
Ash: Misty... *eyes shake*
(Misty lifts her head revealing sad, tormented eyes)
Misty: Punch me Ash.
Ash: I... I can't...
Misty: Just do it. If you truly care for me...
(Ash gulps and punches Misty)
Giovanni: *grins* Again! And harder!
Ash: That's not what we agreed to
Giovanni: *lifts gun and points it at Ash* Again. And harder.

(At the Vermillion Port, Pikachu and Charizard are having trouble boarding the St. Anne)
Guard: I'm sorry but if you don't have tickets I can't let you through.
Pikachu: Please sir. This is urgent.
Guard: I'm afraid the answer is no...
Charizard: *raises his fist* Would you mind saying that again?!
(A barrage of guards surrounds Charizard with rifles pointed all over his body before he can bring his fist down)
Charizard: *drops fist* nevermind...
(The gates to Vermillion Port close and Pikachu and Charizard are thrown outside)
Pikachu: *sadly* What are we going to do? There's only one more ship going to Saffron City and it departs in an hour!
Charizard: When I came here, I overheard a group of thugs talking about a place just east of Vermillion. It's a gambling joint and if we play our cards right, we'll have the money for the tickets.
Pikachu: You're brilliant, Charizard! Let's do it!

(Pikachu and Charizard enter a shady building with boarded up windows to encounter two smoking rugged crooks)
Pikachu: *throws down five dollars* Let's play.

(As Pikachu and Charizard play their poker game; At Cinnabar Island Labs)
James: It's almost complete... the perfected form of Raiku!
(James pushes a series of buttons and pulls a voltage lever; Raiku begins to roar in pain emitting more and more electricity from his body until an explosion of bright light occurs in the quarantine; Knocked down by the explosion, James rises from beneath a desk and sees Raikun, the perfected form of the legendary beast Raiku)
James: *gleefully* Witness the ultimate power in the universe! Raikun, your evolution marks the end of humanity as we know it...

(At Vermillion City)
Charizard: *observes cards* I'm out.
Thug 1: All in.
Pikachu: *closely observes cards and lays down a royal flush* All in...
Thug 2: What?! How could you let him win?!
Charizard: Game over, now pay up the cash.
(Thug 2 pulls out a gun but Charizard uses his tail to sweep the gun out and floors both thugs)
Charizard: Quick, get the money.
Pikachu: Pika!
(Pikachu uses his agility to garner the earnings and the two pokemon jet for Vermillion Port.)
Thug 2: *pants* Stop them now!
(Thug 1 arrives in a motorcycle.)
Thug 1: Get on. We'll get them.
Charizard: Get on my back!
(Pikachu jumps on Charizard's back as he speeds through Vermillion Port flying at full speed, pursued by the thugs.)
Pikachu: They're catching up.
Charizard: Don't worry... we're almost there.
(Pikachu and Charizard reach the port and pay the guard for tickets; just as they get on the St. Anne, the thugs attempt to jump the dock and get on the ship. The motorcycle narrowly misses and lands in the water)
Pikachu: Yeah! Full speed ahead to Saffron!
Charizard: Our business isn't finished yet. *puffs*
(Charizard fires his flamethrower at the motorcycle in the sea causing an explosion that kills both thugs.)

(On the St. Anne, Pikachu and Charizard encounter Squirtle, laid back, smoking a cig and reading some good hentai)
Pikachu: Squirtle! What a surprise.
Squirtle: Squirtle Squirtle. Yeah it's me...
Charizard: You still haven't evolved...
Squirtle: I have no desire to. As long as I remain the strongest Squirtle on Earth. I can take even you to school.
Charizard: *Ignites tail flame brighter* wanna see about that?
Pikachu: Guys this is not the time to fight. Squirtle, I want to enlist your help in the fight for pokemon freedom!
Squirtle: Then you've come to the wrong place. I've lost my urge to fight. Ever since... ever since... Dratini...

(Flashback 15 years in greyscale)
Ash: Squirtle go!
Lance: I choose you Dratini!
Ash: Lance, I cannot allow you to impose terror on this world!
Lance: Then you will also perish! Dratini, dragon flame!
Squirtle: *dodges* Dratini what are you doing? We don't have to fight anymore!
Ash: Squirtle, she's not your friend. You must destroy her!
Squirtle: I won't do it!
(Dratini hits Squirtle with her Rage)
Squirtle: It's all wrong...
Ash: If you don't kill her, she will destroy you. It's you or her! Choose.
Squirtle: *eyes shake* I... I
Lance: Now! Finish him off! Dragon rage!
Ash: Squirtle, hydro pump!
Squirtle: *tears* I'm sorry Dratini...
(Squirtle uses his hydro pump to counter Dratini's dragon rage and drives Dratini back; the immense pressure from Squirtle's hydro pump causes an impact on Dratini's chest that kills her)
Dratini: Squirtle.. *falls dead*
Squirtle: *enraged; turns on Lance* How could you make her fight?! You wanted her to do your dirty work! I will kill you for what you've caused today!
Lance: No... Squirtle, think this over...
Squirtle: You have no right to live!! *Squirtle uses hydro pump*
(Squirtle's hydro pump crushes Lance's face in; END FLASHBACK)

Squirtle: And you see... I just can't go through that pain again. I'm sorry Pikachu.
Charizard: Listen punk. You don't wanna join us that's fine, but don't make excuses. What happened to Dratini is done. If you want to continue to live in the past, then I pity you just as much.
Squirtle: *stands up to Charizard* Fine then. I'll join. On one condition though.
Pikachu: And what's that?
Squirtle: Keep Ash away from me; I don't want to see him ever again!
Pikachu: It's agreed then.

(At Team Rocket HQ on Cinnabar Island)
Giovanni: I trust that you've brought me the finished product?
James: Yes master. It is done...
(Raikun walks in from beyond the shadows)
Giovanni: Why hello there Raikun *extends hand* Welcome to the new alliance that will end humanity.
Raikun: Hello master. I am at your command.
Giovanni: *thinks* Good. The beast inside has been tamed. I now control the world's greatest power!

(On the St. Anne)
Captain: We're 30 minutes away from Saffron Port.
Navigator: Captain, we've got an unmarked object on radar. It's massive!
Captain: What?! Give me a shot of that object!
Navigator: *zooms in on object* It's...
Captain: ...a whirlpool...
Radio: Attention all passengers aboard the St. Anne. We are currently being pulled into a whirlpool. It is essential that you remain calm and report to the nearest safety boats immediately.
Passenger 1: This is insane!
Passenger 2: What are we going to do?! We'll all be lost!
(On the deck)
Pikachu: We've gotta get out of here. Squirtle, can you swim through that whirlpool?
Squirtle: I'm afraid not. Even a pokemon of my strength couldn't handle such a torrent...
Pikachu: Charizard what about you? Can you fly us through?
Charizard: The winds will take me down into the eye of the pool. I only have enough strength for myself.
Squirtle: Wait. Maybe if we can use Charizard to propel me into the eye of the pool, I can use my hydro pump to reverse the direction of the pool and everyone will be saved.
Pikachu: Great idea! Charizard, do you think you can hurdle Squirtle into the eye?
Charizard: Of course, but he'll be...
Squirtle: You needn't worry about me. I'll be fine.
(Charizard lifts off from ship and takes Squirtle toward the eye)
Charizard: You ready?
Squirtle: Hell yeah, let's do this thing!
(Charizard drops Squirtle into the eye then uses the remainder of his strength to get back to the St. Anne; meanwhile, Squirtle uses his hydro pump on the whirlpool, calming it down; however, he faints due to the excess of power and drops down into the ocean)
Pikachu: Squirtle! I've got to save him! *jumps off ship*
Charizard: Don't be a fool! You can't swim!
(Pikachu struggles yo swim towards the place where the whirlpool was and dives underwater)
Pikachu: *thinks* I don't have much left... we'll probably both die, but I've gotta try.
(Pikachu spots Squirtle's motionless body and begins to pull him up towards the surface)
Pikachu: *thinks* boy, he's heavier than he looks! I don't... think I can... bring him... all the way.
(Pikachu reaches the surface with Squirtle, out of breath and exhausted)
Pikachu: Oh great. Looks like this will be our grave...
(Suddenly, Charizard arrives with an officer on a jetboat and rescues both Squirtle and Pikachu from the sea)
Pikachu: Ch... Chari... Thank... *faints*

(Back on the ship)
Intercom: We will be docking at Saffron Port in 4 minutes. Prepare for departure.
Pikachu: Finally. Now it's time to find Ash and continue our fight against Team Rocket!
Squirtle: *nods* That was brave of you to save me.
Pikachu: Charizard is the real hero. He saved all of us and preserved the journey.
Charizard: Any time.
Intercom: The St. Anne has docked at Saffron Port. All passengers prepare for departure.

(At Team Rocket HQ)
(Gary enters)
Gary: Master. I have brought you the chemical as requested.
Giovanni: Excellent. Now Pallet Town will pay for their impudence toward my rule. *laughs maniacally*

(At Saffron Port)
Guard: Have a great day!
Squirtle: You too sir. *waves*
Pikachu: *observes map* Now then. It says here that Ash lives in the huge convenience store on the west side of town.
Charizard: Why bother walking when I can fly you guys there? Jump on.
(Squirtle and Pikachu jump on Charizard's back and begin to fly towards the convenience building when a policed helicopter begins to open fire on them)
Charizard: What the hell...?!
Police: Land immediately. This is a no fly zone.
Charizard: Damnit. *lands on the ground*
(The three pokemon are handcuffed by land police)
Pikachu: What are you doing?
Policeman: You are under arrest for violating Saffron City's no fly zone policy.
Charizard: How the hell were we supposed to know about this?! We just came in from Vermillion City.
Policeman: *cracks Charizard with nightstick* Watch you mourth, you crummy pokeman.
Charizard: *enraged* grrr...
Pikachu: *whispers* Charizard, don't do anything stupid. We'll get this all cleared up once we get to the police station.

(At the Police Station)
Sheriff: I'm sorry, but there have been recent terror attacks by Team Rocket so as a result we have been forced to institute a no fly zone policy, at least for the time being.
Pikachu: I see... We have here to meet up with the pokemon trainer Ash Ketchum. Do you know him?
Sheriff: Yes! Ash Ketchum, the legendary pokemon trainer! He left a couple of days ago with his group of vagabonds.
Pikachu: Where are they headed?
Sheriff: The Safari Zone. They needed to stock up on ammunition before they could commence their assault on Team Rocket HQ.
Pikachu: assault...?
Sheriff: ...The people here have become poor and hungry because of Giovanni's reign of terror.
Pikachu: Thank you officer. What's the fastest way to get to the Safari Zone?
Sheriff: By boat. There's one leaving tommorow.
Pikachu: Thank you sir.

(That Night)
Charizard: I'm going to get a head start toward Safari Zone. You guys meet me there. I need to find out what happened.
Pikachu: It'll only be one night. It might be dangerous.
Charizard: Nothing you say can convince me to stay. I'm going.
Pikachu: *thinks* Yes, Charizard. Always too arrogant for your own good. It's going to kill you someday.
(Charizard leaves)

(The next morning at Saffron Port)
Squirtle: There's our transport.
(Old Man arrives in a boat)
Old Man: Hey there, can I give you guys a lift?
Pikachu: We need to get to the Safari Zone one way.
Old Man: That's where we're going then.
(The boat departs for Safari Zone)
Squirtle: *looks at the ocean*
Pikachu: Squirtle, are you ok?
Squirtle: This place. It's where it began with...
Pikachu: Yeah I know. Squirtle bud, you have to let her go. She's gone.
Squirtle: *looks at the sea and sees a reflection of Dratini; It whispers "Squirtle, you have to trust in your own power and survive" and then disappears*

(At the Safari Zone)
(Soldiers lay dead outside the Safari Zone entrance with mixed expressions on their faces)
Pikachu: *eyes shake in terror* What... happened here?
Squirtle: *checks bodies* They've all got puncture marks on their necks.
Pikachu: Could this mean that it was done by a pokemon?
Squirtle: Possibly.
(Pikachu and Squirtle enter the Safari Zone)
Pikachu: Even more bodies...
(pans out as soldiers bodies are displayed on the floor)
Squirtle: Not only bodies... the entire place is destroyed.
Pikachu: *sees Charizard* That's Charizard!
Squirtle: Charizard, what happened?
Charizard: *bleeding* I-It was a pokemon.. a thunder beast.
Pikachu: Could it be... no it's only a legend.
Squirtle: What? Pikachu do you know something?
Pikachu: Centuries ago, the legendary thunder beast Raiku ruled supreme over all pokemon. After a long reign, Raiku found love in a Nidorina. However, it was not meant for such a low class pokemon to be queen and the legendary Mew destroyed Nidorina forcing Raiku into exile. For hundreds of years, not a single trace has been left from Raiku's existence... but now... these bite marks are massive, very few pokemon could have inflicted so much damage.
Squirtle: If we travel deeper we might be able to find out...
Charizard: D-Don't, the pokemon have been poisoned and will attack anyone friend or foe. It is too... dangerous. *Charizard dies*
Pikachu: Charizard please don't... *hangs head*
(Charizard's spirit lights the skies and rises to the heavens)
Squirtle: Pikachu, what now?
Pikachu: ...we must push on to Cinnabar Island...
Squirtle: We don't have the strength to move against them now. We must enlist more help.
Pikachu: Do you have anyone in mind?
Squirtle: The legendary bird, Articuno. He can help us!
Pikachu: Where is he?
Squirtle: The Ice Caverns to the far east of Cinnabar.
Pikachu: How do we get there?
Lapdos: I believe I could help you with that.
Pikachu: Lapdos!
Lapdos: Yep it's me. To think I still live here after all these years...
Pikachu: But Charizard...
Lapdos: Yes, I know... The legendary beast Raiku has returned, in its perfected state of being. There is no pokemon that can defeat it and not one human soul that can control it. It is a wild beast.
Pikachu: Can you take us to the Ice Caverns now?
Lapdos: Unfortunately, it is a very dangerous place. None of us would survive unless we get even more help and that is why I've...
(Kangashkan, Rapidash and Chansey appear)
Lapdos: These three will assist you...

(At Team Rocket HQ)
Giovanni: Has Raikun completed his rampage through the Orange Islands?
James: Yes master. He has proven himself an effective asset to us.
Giovanni: Ash, come in here.
(Ash enters)
Ash: Yes master?
Giovanni: I need you to assist Gary in the chemical gassing of Pallet Town.
Ash: *Eyes shake with fear* B-But, b-but what about all the innocent...
Giovanni: Lives must be lost if we wish to solidy ourselves as a serious political organization! Do as I tell you! *punches Ash*

(In the sea)
Lapdos: I can sense the Ice Caverns less than 10 minutes away.
Pikachu: *has a tingling sensation* something's wrong... we have to go to Pallet Town!
Lapdos: But that'll put us way off course!
Pikachu: Something terrible's going to happen. I can feel it...
Lapdos: Ok then, we're going to Pallet Town.

(At Pallet Town)
Pidgeot: The recon team has spotted them, they're landing at the south shore.
Soldier: Col. Pidgeot, should we attack?
Pidgeot: Hold your fire. Negotiation is our only hope now. If they should break, send in the voltorbs.
(Multiple seatanks land on south shore)
Gary: Hello I take it you are the negotiatior?
Pidgeot: That is correct.
Gary: We have been ordered to gas this town. I'm sure you picked us up well before we reached land.
Pidgeot: If you gas this place, you will be killed by our forces. Think about what you're doing Gary.
Gary: *whispers to Pidgeot* I'm sorry but it is the only way I can get my chance at Giovanni, even if it means killing my whole family.
Pidgeot: There are other ways. Your grandfather already died in this war because he turned down the same path. Do you really want to follow in his footsteps?
Gary: *trembles*  come on out...
(Ash comes out of seatank)
Pidgeot: A-Ash...
Ash: I will not do this! *holds gun to Gary's head*
(20 Team Rocket soldiers surround Ash with rifles)
Gary: Drop your gun Ash. You are a traitor to our cause.
(Ash drops gun)
Ash: Gary, what you're doing is wrong... *looks shamefully at the ground*
(Lapdos, Pikachu, Squirtle, Kangashkan, Rapidash and Chansey arrive on the shore and realizing the situation, Pikachu orders them to attack Team Rocket forces)
Rapidash: I'll kill all of you! *impales three soldiers at once*
Kangashkan: Lock and load! *punches two soldiers*
(Pikachu attempts to safely take out the chemical storage by electrically disabling it's lock, but a soldier sneaks up and fires at Pikachu)
Gary: Pikachu! *jumps in front of Pikachu*
(Gary is pummeled with bullets)
Ash: Gary!!
Soldiers: We've shot Lt. Oak! Pull back! Retreat!
Ash: *tearfully* Gaet why'd you do it?
Gary: I love you Ash, and I... I just couldn't let them hurt Pikachu.
Ash: Oh Gary... don't leave me!
Gary: I'm sorry we couldn't be together longer, Ash Ketchum.
(Ash and Gary share a final kiss as Gary's life comes to a tragic end)
Ash: Giovanni will pay for this... He will PAY!!!

(At Team Rocket HQ)
James: Master, Operation Deathstrike has failed.
Giovanni: *angry* Then it is time... bring Raikun here. We are going to destroy those vagabonds.
James: As you wish master. *salutes*

(At Pallet Town)
Pikachu: Ash we can't bring him back. Gary is gone...
Ash: They took away the one person who truly understood me. The one person who truly cared for me. THEY WILL NEVER BE FORGIVEN!!
Pikachu: Pull yourself together. You have to join us. You're our only hope for defeating Team Rocket. If you go back there alone then you will be killed.
Ash: *calms down* I will... join you, old pal. *hugs Pikachu*
Pikachu: And what about you Pidgeot? Will you join us?
Pidgeot: I'm sorry. I just can't. It is my to duty to do whatever is in my power to protect this town from danger. I must stay.

(Squirtle sitting alone on the cliff)
Ash: *approaches* Squirtle, why are you avoiding me?
Squirtle: Don't talk to me...
Ash: If it's about Dratini...
Squirtle: It was your fault! You made me fight her! You could have picked any other pokemon, but you chose me!!
Ash: Squirtle, she was taken over by Lance's evil. She couldn't be saved, not even by you.
Squirtle: I could have saved her! You just wanted the easy way out, Ash! That's how it's been with your whole life! I hate you! *throws rocks at Ash opening a small cut on Ash's right cheek*
Ash: *looks down* Squirtle...

(Ash, Pikachu, Kangashkan, Rapidash, Squirtle and Chansey depart for the Ice Caverns with Lapdos; In less than a day, they reach the entrance)
Lapdos: Here it is...
Ash: *observes* It's huge. How can we possibly navigate through this?
Lapdos: The caves have water channels running through each room and I know this area by heart. We'll be fine.
Ash: Then lead the way son!

(Lapdos transports the 6 beings through the Ice Caverns when the ceiling suddenly starts to shake)
Lapdos: Uh oh.. Ice Spikes! Everybody take cover!
(Squirtle retreats into his shell while Pikachu and Kangashkan destroy the icicles falling from the ceiling; however--)
Ash: Chansey look out!
(Icicle falls, splitting Chansey in two)
Chansey: Chaaaannsseeeyyyy!!
Ash: No... Chansey...
Lapdos: *stricken with grief* It's my fault Ash. I should have warned you all about the icicles...
Ash: Don't blame yourself. Pokemon die. Shit happens.

(Lapdos continues deep into the caves, avoiding all icicles when he reaches a waterfall)
Lapdos: Articuno is beneath this waterfall. But, I cannot make it down safely. Squirtle, your shell will protect you frrom injury. Drop down and convince Articuno to join us.
Squirtle: What are you crazy?! If he refuses, how am I gonna get back up?
Lapdos: *pushes Squirtle off waterfall*
Squirtle: *Eyes popping out* SQQQQUIIIRTTTLLEEE!!
(Squirtle reaches the bottom of the waterfall to come face to face with the magestic bird, Articuno sleeping)
Squirtle: Umm.. M-Mr. Articuno sir?
Articuno: *wakes up crankily* What the hell do you want?!
Squirtle: I need to ask a favor of you.
Articuno: Oh yeah, well it better be good. You just disturbed my sleep pattern and I could freeze your ass right now.
Squirtle: Would you like to join our efforts for pokemon freedom? To protect your right to live freely and co-exist with humans?
Articuno: I've been waiting a long time for this type of glorified opportunity... Of course I will.

(At the top of the waterfall, all of the pokemon have remained on land with Ash while Lapdos waits in the water for Squirtle to arrive. Suddenly, a crack is heard and a sudden rush of water is felt.)
Lapdos: H-Help! The current's getting stronger! *Lapdos attempts to swim to the side*
Ash: Lapdos hold on! *looks for object*
Pikachu: Here! I found a piece of ice! Grab on Lapdos!
Lapdos: *Locks teeth on ice*
(The pokemon attempt to pull Lapdos in, but a second rush of water causes the link to break and Lapdos goes off the edge of the waterfall. As Squirtle ascends on Articuno, they see Lapdos fall rapidly)
Lapdos: I've served my purpose! Win the fi... *Lapdos is crushed*
(The pokemon look down in terror at Lapdos's body on the rocks below)
Articuno: I'll provide transport. Let's go to Cinnabar!

(At Team Rocket HQ)
James: Master, our radar has picked up 6 lifeforms approaching the base from the east.
Giovanni: Is Raikun prepared?
James: Yes sir. We've suited him in the metal armor and he's at full energy right now.
Giovanni: Good. Allow them no further than the main lobby.

(Ash, Pikachu, Squirtle, Rapidash, Articuno and Kangashkan arrive in the air space above Cinnabar Island)
Articuno: They're opening fire on us. I'll be able to dodge most of it, but it looks like the roof is a no go. We'll have to use the main entrance.
Pikachu: But they'll be ready for that!
Articuno: It's our only option unless you wish to get shot down.
Pikachu: Alright then let's land.

(Articuno lands with the 5 others on the east shore of Cinnabar only to come face to face with Lt. Jesse and Lt. James of Team Rocket)
Jesse: You will go no further than this area.
James: Our master has ordered the complete destruction of all rebels...
Jesse: And it will be carried out!
James: Go Wheezing! Smog these guys to death!
(Wheezing faces off against Pikachu only to get his smog cleared out by Squirtle's water gun)
Squirtle: You'll have to try harder than that.
Ash: Pikachu, destroy Wheezing with your Thunder attack.
Pikachu: Choose someone else. I need to save this energy for Giovanni.
Ash: Ok then, go Rapidash!
Rapidash: I will burn you with my flaming inferno of hell!
Wheezing: You can't bypass my smokescreen. *unleashes smokescreen*
Rapidash: *uses quick attack to dodge smokescreen* Now it's time to die!
(Rapidash powers up and unleashes a deadly flamethrower from his mouth)
Wheezing: I can't... dodge it! *Wheezing is scorched by the flame and dies out briefly*
Ash: Give it up James, you're through!
Jesse: Ah, but you forgot about our other pokemon! Arbok, poison them with your vicious fangs!
Arbok: You will all suffer imminent death from my bite you! *goes after Pikachu*
Pikachu: I don't have the time for you. *uses thundershock and fries Arbok*
Arbok: I... I give up.
Kangashkan: Apologies cannot be accepted!!  *bashes Arbok's head in with a solid punch*
Jesse: A-Arbok! Nooo...
James: Meowth, you're our last hope! Destroy them all!
(Meowth appears behind Jesse, pointing a gun at his head)
Meowth: After all these years of oppression... you guys abused me and I can finally exact my revenge. Payback's a bitch isn't it! *shoots James*
Jesse: M-Meowth! *pulls out gun and attempts to shoot Meowth only to get shot between the eyes*
Meowth: You guys can go! Giovanni is on the top floor. But beware of Raikun, he's the deadliest force you'll ever encounter.
Ash: Thanks Meowth.
(Meowth gets on helicopter)

(Inside Team Rocket HQ)
Soldier: Master. Meowth has betrayed Team Rocket and has killed Lt. Jesse and Lt. James.
Giovanni: Traitors will not be forgiven...

(As Meowth's helicopter lifts off, an array of missiles is fired and Meowth's helicopter explodes in a misshapen ball of flames)
Ash: Meeeeoowwwwthhhh!! *angered* Let's charge the base!
(Ash and the 5 pokemon charge the base taking out foot soldiers as they go until they finally reach the entrance)
Pikachu: This is it! Let's do it!

(The allies enter the base and ascend the stairs all the way to the top floor, destroying soldiers and avoiding traps, but then a steel net drops trapping Kangashkan underneath it)
Kangashkan: *in panic* Help me guys! help me...
(The net electrifies Kangashkan; the voltage rises with each passing second)
Pikachu: I've got to save him! *rushes up to the net*
(As Pikachu makes contact with the net, the electricity knocks him back to the wall and he can do nothing but watch as Kangashkan is transformed into a smoking pile of meat and bones.)
Ash: Why is everyone dying?!
Squirtle: Giovanni's room is up ahead!
Pikachu: *silenced anger* I will... DESTROY YOU GIOVANNI!! *races into the room*

(The pokemon enter Giovanni's chamber)
Giovanni: Welcome rebels.
Ash: Giovanni!
Giovanni: You fools have caused me a lot of trouble in the past few weeks, but I am glad to inform you that you are all forgiven. For I possess the ultimate power known to man!!
Ash: You're a monster! You went as far as to kill off your own partner!
Giovanni: Meowth was a traitor.
Ash: You have no honor whatsoever and I don't give a damn what tricks you have up your sleeves because your tyranny ends here! Today! Now!
Articuno: This for all the pokemon you've killed!
(Articuno fires off a flurry of icicles at Giovanni, but Giovanni does not flinch one bit as a single bolt of lightning destroys the attack)
Articuno: *eyes shake in disbelief* wh-what...
Giovanni: I'd like to introduce you all to my ultimate weapon. Raikun destroy them all!
Raikun: *turns on Giovanni*
Giovanni: What are you doing Raikun? Destroy them.
Raikun: *impales Giovanni with his tail* I take orders from no one. I control this universe now.
(Giovanni's blood drips from Raikun's tail before Raikun drops his lifeless body onto the floor)
Raikun: Who will be the first to die?
Articuno: *Let's out his strongest Blizzard attack* You're done!
Raikun: You're a joke. *fends off Blizzard without moving*
Articuno: but how... I gave it all my energy
Raikun: You just aren't strong enough. NOW DIE!! *Electrocutes Articuno to the point where his exoskeleton flashes black and gold*
(Articuno drops heavily to the floor with smoke rising from his body)
Squirtle: Bastard! How dare you?! *fires hydro pump at Raikun*
Raikun: Weaklings do not deserve to exist! *electrofies Squirtle's hydro pump sending an electric impulse back that stuns Squirtle*
Raikun: And now you die. *Raikun charges the stunned Squirtle at full speed and tackles him, sending him flying through the wall*
Ash: Squirtle! *runs to Squirtle*
(Rapidash sneaks up behind Raikun and unleashes all his energy into one flamethrower attack)
Raikun: You think I didn't SEE YOU?! *dodges flamethrower with incredible speed*
(Drained of energy, Rapidash collapses)
Raikun: Ha Ha Ha! If this Earth's last defense, then taking over other planets should be just as easy.
(Pikachu comes out of the shadows powered up and angry; approaching Raikun)
Pikachu: What gives you the right to throw countless lives away... Many people have died at your hands... Their sacrifices WILL NOT BE IN VAIN!
(Pikachu uses a thunderstone to increase his already uncontrollable energy)
Raikun: *shocked* This is a commendable effort, but not nearly enough to... *Pikachu speeds by and breaks Raikun's jaw*
Raikun: Arrrghh!! *thinking* I couldn't even see him coming...
Raikun: Lucky shot. *spits* You have invoked my wrath!!
Pikachu: Haaa!! *gathers all his energy together*
Raikun: THUUNDERRR!! *Raikun fires all of his energy at Pikachu*
Pikachu: It is my destiny to slay you!! *fires Thunder at Raikun with all his energy*
(The two Thunders clash as both pokemon struggle to gain an advantage)
Rapidash: ...pika...
Pikachu: Rapidash... no
(Recognizing the battle is at a stalemate, Rapidash transmits the remainder of his energy to Pikachu)
Rapidash: You go Pikachu... *dies*
(Pikachu uses Rapidash's energy to take an edge in the battle, pushing his thunderattack closer to Raikun)
Raikun: Where has this awesome power come from?!
Pikachu: From the souls of all those you've taken!!!
(Pikachu pushes the blast of Thunder at Raikun)
Raikun: NOOOOO!!!!
(Raikun takes in the full impact of the blast)
Raikun: All I ever wanted... was to be... free *disappears in the blast*
Pikachu: *faints*

(At the same time in the adjacent room)
Squirtle: A-Ash
Ash: Squirtle your shell is cracked. We... *cries* we can't save you.
Squirtle: I-I'm glad.
Ash: Squirtle, I'm sorry! You were right! I've been terrible. Considering my own needs before others... if it weren't for me...
Squirtle: No Ash. You've been the best friend a pokemon could have. And all my life, I wanted nothing more than to die gladly at your side... *Squirtle's eyes close and his heart stops*
(Ash sheds no more tears and carries Squirtle out in his arms)

(At Veridian Pokecenter)
Nurse Joy: Good Morning, Pikachu! It seems you've made a full recovery from all your injuries.
Pikachu: How long have I been here?
Joy: Oh my... it's been 2 weeks now!
Pikachu: Where's Ash?! Ash!
Ash: Hey, I'm right here!
Pikachu: Ash...
Ash: *nods* Congratulations, you saved us all.
Pikachu: No.. It's the dead who deserve our thanks. They've brought forth a whole new era of everlasting peace for humans and pokemon alike.
All kids out of theh poowel--adult swim
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