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Author Topic: Intonation Music Festival  (Read 1340 times)


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Intonation Music Festival
« on: June 25, 2006, 01:58:01 PM »

Yesterday I went to the Intonation Music Festival in Union Park, Chicago (yeah, I know its a little early to go to another music place cause my feet still hurt from moshing and jumping >_>) and it was almost as great as the pillows concert! There were 2 stages: the Vice Records Stage and the Virtue Stage. The artists playing on the Vice stage were (in order of times) Erase Errata (1:30); Devin the Dude (2:30); Chromeo (3:50); The Stills (5:20); Borecoms [what I came to the festival to see :)] (6:55); Lady Sovereign (8:45); and The Streets (9:20). The artists on the Virtue Stage were: Favourite Sons (1:00); 90 Day Men (2:00); Jose Gonzalez (3:10); High On Fire [sucked cause they were too hardcore metal] (4:35); Roky Erickson [didn't see cause I was waiting for Boredoms, and didn't sound so good to me] (6:05); Ghostface (7:50). I really liked all the artists at the Vice Stage, but they sweared too much (it was supposed to be an ALL AGES concert).Jose Gonzalez sounded like a Spanish version of Bright Eyes, and Chromeo's songs were all about girls. The Stills were alright, looked more like a boy band than an indie band). High On Fire, I repeat, if you don't like heavy metal, this band will SUCK CRAP. Now on to my favorite band of the evening: Boredoms. I know they're a noise rock band, but I just discovered a high interest in the experimental "scene" in the past year, listening to the likes of Melt-Banana, The Locust, Boredoms, The Hanatarash, UFO or Die, Boris (drone doom metal), Merzbow and Masonna. So it really wasn't a surprise that being close to the speakers would kick the crap out of me. Geez, they had 3 DRUMMERS and the lead man (Yamatsuka Eye) was playing a TURNTABLE (NOT COMMMON IN THE BOREDOMS UNIVERSE). They played at least 3 tracks, (each at least 20 minutes long. Of course, there was the occasional mosh pit and crap, but it was worth the 20$ I spent at the door. Ghostface, Lady Sovereign and The Streets, I liked a whole lot [I'm so glad that 50 Cent or any other crappy rappers were there]. Overall, this was a great concert: variety in genres, well paced songs the artists played, and the occasional energy drink made this a memorable experience that will be cherished among my musical memories.
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