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Notes on "Keeping You Our Friend"

Started by NumyMufn, July 20, 2009, 03:42:34 PM

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This music clip took me in so many directions I have a headache from the dizziness  :roll: I had to settle on one source for the listing but it may not have been the best choice so here's what I have on it:

What I posted in the description: "Ternek was originally recorded in 1970 by Ersen as the lead singer of Mogollar, rereleased in 2008 on this compilation 'highlight reel' of his career.
My first inclination was that this must be a sampled bit of Ternek on a more recent composition, but since the bit in question appears to be untouched I went ahead and posted the info on the original."

My other 'loose' notes:

Ternek by Mogollar, Album - Mogollar 1971, also World Psychedelia 2005, also Ersen 2008

composer - Murat Ses (in case of library search)

Rereleased in 2008 on Finders Keepers Records as part of a compilation of the artist Ersen, the lead vocalist for the song on the Mogollar recording

Podcast found - Rare Frequency, Podcast 23: Turkish Psych 2 - available here: - song starts at 39:30

[as] may have aquired it as a sampled bit of music in a hip-hop song, presumably affiliated with Stone's Throw, Ersen is a favorite of Oh No (side note, the Podcast above contains the Selda song "Ince, Ince" which is sampled in On No's "Heavy")

Turkish Psych is a genre, I had no idea  :lol:

If anyone has anything to add, please feel free.
You caught me at a bad time -

I'm awake.