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Rest of the Safety/First-Aid/How-to bumps...

Started by Grimlock, July 27, 2009, 02:49:12 AM

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Sup y'all.

I was wondering if anyone happened to still have any of those "First Aid" bumps that Adult Swim aired in early 2003 that Bumpworthy doesn't already have (I figured they got the ones they have from when AS re-aired them a couple years back)? That would be really cool if someone had any of the Space Ghost or Brak Show ones.

I found an image of one they must have used for either Space Ghost or The Brak Show a while ago (it was from an old blog post on some site, I think). That's all I got, though.


Sadly, I only have the ones that were posted over at which were donated by Beefy. The ones that aired on re-runs were from the Pool era, which I capped and combined with the ones Beefy had provided before. I sadly didn't have a capture card, or any other recording method for that matter, at the time the bumps originally aired  :-(. It'd be great to have more of the missing stuff, I love those Brak Show bumps. Anyone has something else to contribute?
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I honestly didn't know we were missing some :-o My recordings from back then are scarce, and what I have would most likely be done by show series rather than block of programming.... aaannd most of those series would be anime  :cry:  However, I'll make sure to keep an eye out now that I know  :|
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It's been a while, but I remember there were ones for The Oblongs (the only one I really remember was one of Pickles pouring a martini on a man who was on fire, and then beat him with her wig). I also remember this was prior to AS acquiring Family Guy.

Maybe someone has the others on a recording, but it might be harder since Adult Swim only had these bumps for a short amount of time.


I will give credit where it's due and say the ones on ASF are all from Tyler and not from myself.

Unfortunately I didn't save anything from 2003/2004.  I kept taping over what I had (just like how NASA taped over those moon landing tapes). You will download Adult Swim promos and intros because we told you to.
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