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Addition to TBS bump

Started by wolfhead, February 18, 2009, 11:58:22 PM

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The Dweezil Zappa song used for the TBS bump is also track 7 on his album Automatic, where the song is called "Secret Hedges". You can listen to an excerpt of the song at,,1074369,00.html.

I've owned this album for years, Dweezil is one of my favorite guitarists, it's the only time I've ever recognized the music in an Adult Swim bump. The last track on this album, "Purple Guitar", is one of my absolute favorite instrumental guitar songs.


Forgot to add the URL to the bump's page:


Freakin sweet!! I'm so gonna get that album. Thanks for the heads up man, this is a great find!
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Ordered mine last night  :-P  :lol:

It looks to be out of print... but not impossible to find. Crazy thing is you can get a shiny new import album if you order from AmazonUK... so you get to pay the import price TWICE  :roll: I got a used one for five bucks.  :wink:
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