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Author Topic: Amp Soul Generation  (Read 2013 times)


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Amp Soul Generation
« on: February 04, 2009, 10:00:33 AM »

Amp Soul Generation:First there were the Romans, and then came the baby boomers, now its time for a new generation: the Amp Soul Generation.

After years of diggin, Jay has now have come to the point that at the end of the day its only 21 grams that matter. This is what your body looses, when u die. And some say it's the weight of the soul. That's why from now on the renowned Amp Soul Generation scientists inject you two hours of highly concentrated soul per month - to strengthen that very obscure part of the body, just as your doctor recommends:Enjoy some to die for classics blended with spaced out future projects, sit back and relax to deep conversations with weird people about doing heavenly good music and - wonder about two guys on the microphone trying their best to describe what they will never be able to describe: the essence of soul. Too make it short, this show will light up your day. Life could be that easy.

Im part of this next generation of beat makers.

Check out the show, new mix is up toady.


Enjoy the show
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