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Author Topic: Meta Tagging System and Browsing  (Read 14061 times)


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Re: Meta Tagging System and Browsing
« Reply #15 on: February 03, 2009, 06:42:27 PM »

Too much tags is not a problem at all, actually, the more the better! That'd help people who don't remember the bump well to locate it quicker using the search function. I personally like to cover the gamma from the obvious (lines, user names, etc.) to the more abstract stuff (month, year, sound descriptions, colors, etc.).
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Re: Meta Tagging System and Browsing
« Reply #16 on: March 21, 2009, 06:34:27 PM »

Just wanted to give an update -- I've been slowly chipping away at adding tags to bumps.  I've gotten through about 200 or so, but noticed the search function isn't finding the tags I've added.  The tags show up in the cloud fine, just when I type a tag into the search bar, it doesn't find bumps with that tag.

This may be working as intended, but I just wanted to give that bit of feedback in case it's not.

Also, if someone has a master list of bumps by year they can provide me, I'll be happy to add the year to any bumps I tag as I go through.
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