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Author Topic: Old Bumps Missing from the Main Site  (Read 1886 times)


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Re: Old Bumps Missing from the Main Site
« Reply #15 on: Today at 07:58:16 AM »

This is not a post of bumps themselves, but rather does anyone have recordings or even pictures of the following bumps? I've been looking at old bump listings to see when certain bumps first aired but did not ever recognize the following of what seems like they are picture bumps. These all appear to be from 2004 - 2005.

(Movie Theatre Picture Bump)
    Teddy Leary - Midnight Blues
    Jazz Club

(Petri Dishes)
    Sleepyhouse - Sonic Sunset
    Album - Electronica Vs Chillout

(To you and yours the very best)
    To grandmother's house we go - Turner Library

(Wishing you a happy holiday time, ok??)
    Turner Library

Venture Bros (Possibly the bumps I'm most curious about how they looked ever since I learned that they had VB picture bumps alongside those Futurama character bumps)

Card 1 - Intro (Hank & Dean)
    Turner Library

Card 2 - going into commercials (Monarch)
    Dustbuster - Turner Library/Colin Baldry,Tom Kane/APMmusic

Card 3 - coming out of commercials (Dr. Venture)
    Turner Library (I seen a forum post here that this one was described as having a Green Background?)

Card 4 - Outro (Venture Bros.) (Supposedly this one is Orange according to a Toonzone post)
    Space Calling - Turner Library/Colin Baldry,Tom Kane/APMmusic

Other bumps I'm curious as to how they looked were
Big O Tokyo series bumps
Witch Hunter Robin (Will be back, Is Back, is Completed)
Case Closed (Will Be Back, Is Back, Is Complete)
Escaflowne The Movie bumps
Cowboy Bebop The Movie bumps (The listings say "Cowboy Bebop Sherrif Star" Does this mean that they simply played the one that's uploaded here over and over throughout the movie?)

I am really interested in seeing what all the picture bumps they had looked like as I am just so interested in and curious about AS history. Even if I just see a picture of the bumps in question, that will be fine. :)
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