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Got an Update & Suggestion

Started by inten, July 16, 2008, 12:12:40 AM

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for that bump the music is from the Album by Dangerdoom  : The Mouse and the Mask : Vats of Urine

and my suggestion is, like you should have like the arrow things under the video that let you go forward to the next slide or back to the previous slide instead of having to hit back on the browser jut to see the full list again...

but its just a suggestion...  :wink:

Ryan D.


      Thank you very much for your update and welcome to the boards.  I was just watching this particular bump yesterday.  I understand what you mean about having to go back to the main browser every time.  When searching for bumps and their music, it would be easier if you could pull up a "slider" bar feature.  B.W. is still growing and maybe one day soon there will be a faster way to browse bumps. Be it by way of a more accurate search engine or something like what you've mentioned.  Whatever it may be, something that allows you to see more bumps at a time. 
"The dawn is your enemy."


Thanks Ryan, exactly what i mean! Great site! Thank you [bump worthy] for being the one to do it.