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[RULES] Before Requesting

Started by mongo, May 05, 2008, 11:13:14 PM

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When requesting a bump, please use these guidelines:

1. Be as specific as possible. Try to include a small description of the bump. (ex. image or card-ish, what is it like, any music info, how did it sound, etc.). This will help us when tracking down your request, since we'll have a clearer picture of what we're looking for.
2. If the bumps from the current week haven't been posted yet, please wait at least one week before requesting for them. They could be in queue. However, if the bump is a black and white card with no drawings, you are allowed (and advised) to forego this, since these bumps are not usually posted on the site.
3. If the bumps from that week have been posted, then post request as soon as possible. It's possible we caught it but didn't notice it. We are human  :-P.
4. If it's a card-ish bump, please try to give us the user name. This is especially useful if you are the author of the bump but don't have the same username on the ASMB and Bumpworthy boards (ie. your username on the bumpworthy boards is UserOne but your name on the ASMB, and the viewer bump is FLYamSAMrocks), since we can't tell who you are by your username.
5. If you can, please provide the bump's air date and/or position (before, after or in between what show). This is not necessary, but is very useful if the bump's running during the week, as it will facilitate recording it.
6. Please open only one thread per request. It'll help keep the discussion localized, helping with developments.
7. Be polite when asking for your request. The work put into this site is all volunteer work.
8. Requests posted on other sections of the forum (News, Website and Upload Issues, etc.) will be promptly deleted.

If you feel your request adheres to these guidelines, proceed to post and we'll help you as soon as possible.
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