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Cardish Category/A.S. Original Bumps

Started by Ryan D., April 22, 2008, 07:58:31 PM

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Ryan D.

Hello BW Suggestions, 

     I'm sure that this has been mentioned somewhere, but I would really like to see a category/search that separates all of the "cardish" bumps from the A.S. originals.  I think that the constant flood of black and white cards, every week, takes away from the more lasting/nostalgic still life photo and animated bumps.  I think that the cardish bumps are a very important part of Adult Swim popculture.  It's just that to me, they're their own thing.   

     Needless to say, it would be much easier for the music searchers, like me, to maneuver through all of the music "unknowns" by separating the two bump styles and adding an "Unknown Search", which was proposed in another thread. 

     I also think it would be nice to put an air date info on all of the bumps.  Of course, some are too old to remember the day, week, or month, but the year could probably be found.  Maybe list the months/years that the bumps has been active.  That's kind of like All Music Guide's "years active timeline" that they list for artists.   

Thank you for your time,
Ryan D.
"The dawn is your enemy."


Actually, that's a really good idea. Exact air dates are a little hard to find, but I think it's possible in at least a few cases. I agree, they really are their own thing, and if this goes somewhere I'll be glad to help.
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