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wrong song to wrong title

Started by fishgul69, March 29, 2008, 03:04:55 AM

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the song "florida" under the band name "diplo" is wrong I think.  I looked it up on, and alot of other websites in between and even tried to download it, it was completely different.  does anyone know the real name and band?


I think you're mistaking song title for album name. Although the first track on the album is called Florida, it hasn't been featured in any bumps, and it's not identified in any of them. Please take notice of the naming structure used, because that could be a part of the problem.
Artist:    Diplo
Album:    Florida
Title:    Way More
Available From:    iTunes

More info on the album:

Songs used from Florida:
"Way More " on Billboard (, No More Futurama (

"Diplo Rhythm " on Sponsorship Opportunities (, Tape Carrier (, TAEAS,GJ! S1 DVD (

"Big Lost " on Scottish Obesity (, Procrasturbating (

"Sarah " on The Pocaclypse (, Bump Strike is Back (, Astroboy Marathon v2 (

Hope that helps in your search. Welcome to the forums!
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