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ideas for the site

Started by aquateen, March 21, 2021, 02:50:19 AM

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I don't know if people will come across this, but regardless, I have some ideas for what the people running the site can do to boost traffic.
1. A place to upload fan made bumps, whether they make with still images of their hometown or whatever, just a place to upload fan made bumps. Or even amvs.
2. A forum category for music that can be bump worthy, have a song you've heard but haven't seen a bump? There should be a category to compile them. That way there could be a place for people to talk about music, and even find a song they life, and create a bump themselves.
3. An option to compile bumps you like. Whether it's like a save file, there should just be an option for that.
4 Last one, I don't know if the site can handle it, but maybe a live version of the bumps, like a livestream of a bunch of them compiled, something to have in the background and to listen to. Maybe even a comment section to the side for anyone online to connect to each other through the live stream.

Overall, I really enjoy the site, wanna continue to come back, love the concept, and especially love the layout, please don't change how the site looks, it's perfect as its.


These are all good ideas (even if some might be difficult for them to implement), and I agree about the layout.

In the meantime, if you want somewhere more active, a few of us have been working on two Discord servers, one for archiving/discussing bumps (similar to BW), and one for sharing and exploring fan-made bumps and other art.
I encourage you or anyone looking to check them out. We've been growing steadily and would love to connect more with the community already established here.

Archive server:
Fan-made bump server:


thanks for the heads up, definitely will check it out