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Scheduled Maintenance [May 2020]

Started by crab, May 31, 2020, 03:23:10 AM

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We'll be going down soon for some backend updates.  Please check again later!

Maintenance has been completed!
Please let us know if you notice any problems with the site.


A lot of links are dead (such as HD wallpaper downloads) and when downloading video or audio the file is 0 bytes.

Other than that everything else is fine.


Thanks for the report!

I just rolled out an update that I think will fix the issues with downloading audio/video.  Can you please try it again?

Also, can you let me know where you found links to the HD wallpaper downloads?  I'd like to restore them, but I can't remember where they're supposed to be...  :oops:


Everything is good now! ...almost. Wallpaper downloads are still....well, down.


You caught me at a bad time -

I'm awake.


Wallpapers should be back now using the link from Numy above ^

Sorry for the delay  :oops: