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An animated bump I've been after for a few years now.

Started by DeepIndigo, February 04, 2022, 09:49:28 PM

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I apologize that the most concrete info I have of it is a description. I can't seem to find it on google, duckduckgo, youtube, or this site. The earliest I recall seeing it is maybe 2016-ish? On multiple week nights, usually late into the evening before AS sort of "loops" the evening's programming. "Off the Air" was showing in the 4am "shows that've been cancelled/weird stuff" block when I first saw the bump.

Basically, it's an animation of a guy leaning on a blue wall, he looks to be in some kind of alleyway. There's thumping, low-tempo nightclub music in the background. Shortly in, a heavily electronic alarm voice that says "Meow! Meow!" is audible and the guy pulls his hand out of his pocket, checking a green wristwatch that looks like a cat. The watch's screen is flashing "Meow!" in yellow text. He gets up off the wall and walks off-screen, and then the [AS] logo appears.

That's all the info I've got. Someone out there has to know which bump I mean but I've tried searching any relevant terms I can think of
(including "time", "watch", "night club", "nightclub", "animated" and so on, on this site, and everything from "adult swim bump nightclub watch" to a long detailed description of it on search engines)

atombomb horse

What you are probably looking for is usually referred to as an "Adult Swim ID". There's a YouTube channel called "AS ID's" that have all those weird style animated bumps that have been used on Adult Swim ranging back to late 2014 or so. I think I vaguely remember the one you're thinking of based off your description but I figured I'd let you know where you can possibly look them up? I hope this helps. :)
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I know this is an old topic, but for the sake of the OP and anyone else that comes across this query: this may be the bump you're looking for from AS IDs that atombomb horse suggested.
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