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[STICKY] Visitors welcome....

Started by Qman1, January 24, 2006, 04:10:06 PM

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oh gawd, I hadn't thought of that  :oops:  I guess I was hoping they had scrapped the idea...  :cry:

Props go to Crab on the site design  :mrgreen:  We still have a few bugs but I love the new flash player... and dammit I WILL find a way to get the old OLD bumps to look better! Until we find someone who has better source video it's all I can do  :|
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Quote from: Qman on January 24, 2006, 04:10:06 PM
I know that the forums dont look like much.... and that there are only 10 registered users.

But, feel free to look around and then (if you want) to join.
Dont feel bad for the site, cuz in the'll be better.

(and thats a promise)

Please post here on any ideas of "improving" the forums/site. (for visitors)

(PLZ NOTE: Everthing here is related to Adult Swims bumps in the General Discussion, Suggestions is for ways of making the forums better, and so on)
:-o :-o

awesome site.  nice to know that there are other bumpthusiasts out there that appreciate great music.... and the visuals ain't so bad, neither..  :-D

I'll be cruising through the database to find what I've been looking for, at least since 2 seasons ago when I started watching adult swim.  And maybe I'll be able to ID a few of them, hopefully. :-D



I've been thinking to myself "where can i find the music in all these bumps?"
glad to see Im not the only one who thinks this way...seriously this is great


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Hey, well i'd like to say hello, lol this is my first bump on the message board. Overall i've been surfing bumpworthy for a while now and decided that i would like to be part of the community. So to make things quick i like adult swim and i myself (like probably most of the people here) have been watching since the early days of 2001... gosh that seems so long ago... anyway thank you and i look forward to chatting with you guys anout everything [as]...

Bloody F**king Hell


*waves furiously*

Welcome to our crazy place  :-D
You caught me at a bad time -

I'm awake.


haha *waves back* glad to be here...
Bloody F**king Hell


"For a moment, I lost my head. I was just a selfish, confused torso." - Bob Oblong


Hey there I'm a newguy. I registered because I love [AS] bumps.
Really now, that's just silly.


"For a moment, I lost my head. I was just a selfish, confused torso." - Bob Oblong


I am really surprised I haven't heard any bumps from what I consider to be one of the best sources, like, ever. It's a CD called A Go Go, by John Scofield, backed up by Jazz/fusion band Medeski, Martin and Wood. Almost every song is bumpworthy and no distracting lyrics to edit out, and no looping necessary. Very groovy, very cool.


John Scofield is a pretty renown musician in the Jazz world, and I'm pretty sure rights to his music could be expensive. It is a really great album, though :-D very fun to listen to. Welcome to the boards! (By the way, I fixed the link in your post to make it clickable).
"For a moment, I lost my head. I was just a selfish, confused torso." - Bob Oblong

Dont Haunt Me

Hello, I don't really know how to introduce myself, due to my username. (I'm Don't Haunt Me! ... Just doesn't work)

Finally decided to sign up so I could ask questions and stuff. I'll try to post a lot since it doesn't look like this place is getting a lot of activity.

Either I'm insanely blind, or it doesn't exist, but is there anyway to upload my own picture? You could probably tell I can't find one. Either way, Japanese street signs are good enough.

Wish I had got here sooner...
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