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Old Bumps Missing from the Main Site

Started by atombomb horse, August 24, 2018, 05:49:15 PM

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atombomb horse

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cuz my cable sucked... from my photobucket:
Dear god what a mess that place has become. I haven't touched it in years but there's a group of photos dated July 2020.

So CigarBoxObumps is you? I didn't know that. Thanks for the info and such about the bumps! I appreciate it. And after looking at the Photobucket there, it seems like a number of the photos that someone sent me a few days ago came from it.

And now I'm remembering I seen some of it maybe 4-5 years ago as some things from that photobucket page were linked in a thread here I think?
Yeah, I think I posted somewhere on here why I named it Cigar Box...
Most of the photos were linked from here, some from the ASMB. That's the main reason I didn't delete the whole thing when they went nutty.

Oh ok. lol. I decided to look for that post and it's an interesting story why it's called cigar box.
That's good you decided to keep those screenshots from ASMB preserved, as [as] fans may likely never see them again or at all with the ASMB dead. I found it cool especially seeing things such as more screenshots of April Fools 2004, as all I've seen recordings of were Futurama and WHR from that night. It would be great if every April Fools block was archived in full. At least all the ones from the last 3 or 4 years have been archived, as well as some from other years.
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atombomb horse

Xtreme Bump Master 5000

atombomb horse

Another Christmas 2004 bump found! I believe now there's only 1 missing?

We Wish You A Merry Holiday Time Okay???
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atombomb horse

Xtreme Bump Master 5000

atombomb horse

Old Venture Bros 2005 Bumps. Very Rare

Hank & Dean


Dr. Venture

Venture Bros Gang

All of these only aired on Saturdays for about a month before Venture was pulled from the schedule in favor of Super Milk Chan.
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