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Author Topic: Looking for FMA  (Read 5457 times)


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Looking for FMA
« on: May 23, 2015, 03:13:55 AM »

I've been looking around online for this for a while, but I really haven't had any luck at all.

As someone who grew up watching Adult Swim late at nights, I have a lot of nostalgia for the older action block and the shows that used to air on it.  Fullmetal Alchemist (the original, not Brotherhood) was my favorite at the time, and even today I still one of my favorite all time anime series.

Unfortunately, I was a stupid kid, and either taped over or misplaced and boxed away the tapes that I used to have FMA recorded on.  This leads me to my question: Does anyone here know of anyplace or site on the internet where I can find FMA TV rips from Adult Swim?  I don't need full commercials or anything, I'm pretty much just looking for the episodes themselves pulled from [as].  I've been searching around for about a good year, and can't find anything, so I figured I would reach out and see if other knew, on the slim chance that someone actually DOES know.  Any help with this would really be appreciated, so thanks in advance  :-D


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Re: Looking for FMA
« Reply #1 on: August 10, 2015, 11:18:41 PM »

Pretty sure this should be in the Missing Item section, but whatever then.

I'm actually looking for something similar, really, though a bit broader.  My parents threw out all of my old videotapes that I didn't have in my bedroom a few months ago, my old [as] and Cartoon Network recordings among them.  It's part of the reason why I was asking for help creating the Adult Swim bumper history.  I was talking with RogerSmith2004 over at ASMB for the past couple days, and while I did manage to find some of what I had lost (Eureka Seven and Code Geass) we pretty much agreed the FMA rips are pretty much nonexistent on the web, outside of a couple random episodes I managed to find, one of which being the April Fool's Day episode with the farts.

If it isn't too forward, I'd like to ask if anybody would be willing to send me copies of their old Adult Swim tapes, or something similar to that.  If that's too much to ask, I understand completely.  What I'm looking for in particular are Adult Swim airings of Trigun, 2003 FMA, Inuyasha, and Cowboy Bebop Episode 22 (where they repaint Jet's shirt to the peace sign from the pot leaf).  Everything else I recorded I managed to find online, or have enough recordings I made in the past couple years that I have the series recorded again.
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