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[OFFICIAL] Found Bump Music

Started by Rymoka, December 04, 2006, 05:52:01 PM

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atombomb horse

Adult Swim Geo

Song: Barababa
Artist: Olivier Delevingne / Wasis Diop
Album: African Voice
Available on Universal Production Music, Amazon
Xtreme Bump Master 5000

atombomb horse

When Did You Stop Remembering?

Song: Two Candles
Artist: Ian David/Regan Ryzuk
Album: A Jewish Life
Available on Firstcom

Thanks to MARIOGUY789 on YouTube for bringing this to my attention.
Xtreme Bump Master 5000

atombomb horse

Kim in Quarterly Report

Song: Freeq
Artist: Adrian Burch/David Whitaker
Album: Clubbed
Available from Universal Production Music

Also used on an old bump that isn't on the site titled "Another Engineering Miracle from Adult Swim"
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