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Questions for People With Old [as] Tapes

Started by RogerSmith2004, November 29, 2013, 10:10:20 AM

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Thanks. Wow, they are all pretty much like my makeshift. I have a couple of episodes of Wolf's Rain from when it aired on weekdays on a VHS somewhere.


Blue Gender

[01] One Day (8/4/2003) - TV-14-V
[02] Cry (8/5/2003) - TV-14-LV
[03] Trial (8/6/2003) -TV-14-V
[04] Agony (8/7/2003) - TV-14-V
[05] Priority (8/11/2003) - TV-14-V
[06] Relation (8/12/2003) - TV-14
[07] Sympath (8/13/2003) - TV-14
[08] Oasis (8/14/2003) - TV-14-LV
[09] Confirm (8/18/2003) - TV-14-LV
[10] Tactics (8/19/2003) - TV-14-V
[11] Go Mad (8/20/2003) - TV-14-LV
[12] Progress (8/21/2003) - TV-14-V
[13] Heresy (8/25/2003) - TV-14
[14] Set (8/26/2003) - TV-14
[15] Calm (8/27/2003) - TV-14-S
[16] A Sign (8/28/2003) - TV-14-V
[17] Eclosion (9/1/2003) - TV-14-V
[18] Chaos (9/2/2003) - TV-14-V
[19] Collapse (9/3/2003) - TV-14-V
[20] Versus (9/7/2003) - TV-14-V
[21] Joker (9/8/2003) - TV-14-LV
[22] Dogma (9/9/2003) - TV-14-V
[23] Soliste (9/10/2003) - TV-14-V
[24] Compass (9/11/2003) - TV-14-V
[25] Adagio (9/15/2003) - TV-14
[26] Let Me (9/16/2003) - TV-14-V
I shouldn't be here...


Thanks, though I'm not sure why some of these episodes were TV-14-LV.


I added the remaining Wolf's Rain episodes... y'know, I remembered it was sad but I'd blocked out just how heart breaking it really was.  :cry:

I'm out for the rest of the holidays. I think my mom leaves by the second week of January so if there's stuff left to look for I'll be back then.

Thanks for all the help, Ms. 'ella   :-D
You caught me at a bad time -

I'm awake.


Awesome, thanks Numy! Have a bunch of fun out there! I've been looking for more this and found these ratings online, unverified but so far we've only had one miscue. Most of these are a bit more modern but thought I'd post up anyway :-D

Cowboy Bebop:
01. TV-14-LV  (Asteroid Blues)
02. TV-14-L   (Stray Dog Strut)
03. TV-14-V   (Honky Tonk Women)
04. TV-14-V   (Gateway Shuffle)
05. TV-14-LV  (Ballad of Fallen Angels)
06. TV-14     (Sympathy for the Devil)
07. TV-14     (Heavy Metal Queen)
08. TV-14     (Waltz for Venus)
09. TV-14     (Jamming with Edward)
10. TV-14     (Ganymede Elegy)
11. TV-14     (Toys in the Attic)
12. TV-14     (Jupiter Jazz Pt. 1)
13. TV-14     (Jupiter Jazz Pt. 2)
14. TV-14     (Bohemian Rhapsody
15. TV-14     (My Funny Valentine)
16. TV-14-V   (Black Dog Serenade)
17. TV-14     (Mushroom Samba)
18. TV-14     (Speak Like a Child)
19. TV-14     (Wild Horses)
20. TV-14-V   (Pierrot le Fou)
21. TV-14     (Boogie Woogie Feng Shui)
22. TV-14     (Cowboy Funk)
23. TV-14     (Brain Scratch)
24. TV-14     (Hard Luck Woman)
25. TV-14-V   (The Real Folk Blues Pt. 1)
26. TV-14-V   (The Real Folk Blues Pt. 2)
MO. TV-14-V   (The Movie: Knockin' on Heaven's Door)

01. TV-14      (Fooly Cooly)
02. TV-14-D    (Fire Starter)
03. TV-14      (Marquis de Carabas)
04. TV-14-D    (Full Swing)
05. TV-14-DV   (Brittle Bullet)
06. TV-14      (FLCLimax)

Paranoia Agent:
01. TV-14-DL    (Enter Lil' Slugger)
02. TV-14       (The Golden Shoes)
03. TV-14-S     (Double Lip)
04. TV-14-DLS   (A Man's Path)
05. TV-14       (The Holy Warrior)
06. TV-14-S     (Fear of a Direct Hit)
07. TV-14-V     (MHz)
08. TV-14-V     (Happy Family Planning)
09. TV-14       (Etc)
10. TV-14-V     (Mellow Maromi)
11. TV-14       (No Entry)
12. TV-14       (Radar Man)
13. TV-14-V     (The Final Episode)

Samurai Champloo:
01. TV-14-DLV   (Tempestuous Temperaments)
02. TV-14-DLSV  (Redeye Reprisal)
03. TV-14-DLV   (Hellhounds for Hire Pt. 1)
04. TV-14-DLV   (Hellhounds for Hire Pt. 2)
05. TV-14-LS    (Artistic Anarchy)
06. TV-14-DL    (Stranger Searching)
07. TV-14-LV    (A Risky Racket)
08. TV-14-DL    (The Art of Altercation)
09. TV-14-LV    (Beatbox Bandits)
10. TV-14-LV    (Lethal Lunacy)
11. TV-14-LSV   (Gamblers and Gallantry)
12. TV-14-LSV   (The Disorder Diaries)
13. TV-14-LV    (Misguided Miscreants Pt. 1)
14. TV-14-LV    (Misguided Miscreants Pt. 2)
15. TV-14-LSV   (Bogus Booty)
16. TV-14-LV    (Lullabies of the Lost Pt. 1)
17. TV-14-LV    (Lullabies of the Lost Pt. 2)
18. TV-14-L     (War of the Worlds)
19. TV-14-LV    (Unholy Union)
20. TV-14-L     (Elegy of Entrapment Pt. 1)
21. TV-14-LV    (Elegy of Entrapment Pt. 2)
22. TV-14-LV    (Cosmic Collisions)
23. TV-14-L     (Baseball Blues)
24. TV-14-LV    (Evanescent Encounter Pt. 1)
25. TV-14-LSV   (Evanescent Encounter Pt. 2)
26. TV-14-LV    (Evanescent Encounter Pt. 3)

Neon Genesis Evangelion:
01. TV-PG-V     (Angel Attack)
02. TV-PG-V     (The Beast)
03. TV-PG-V     (A Transfer)
04. TV-PG       (Hedgehog's Dilemma)
05. TV-PG       (Rei I)
06. TV-PG-LV    (Rei II)
07. TV-PG-L     (A Human Work)
08. TV-PG-DLSV  (Asuka Strikes!)
09. TV-14       (Both of You, Dance Like You Want to Win!)
10. TV-PG-D     (Magma Diver)
11. TV-PG-D     (The Day Tokyo-3 Stood Still)
12. TV-PG-V     (She Said "Don't Make Others Suffer for your Personal Hatred")
13. TV-PG-S     (Lilliputian Hitcher)
14. TV-14       (Weaving a Story)
15. TV-14-L     (Those Women Longed for the Touch of Each Other's Lips...)
16. TV-14-V     (Splitting of the Breast)
17. TV-14       (Fourth Children)
18. TV-MA       (Ambivalence)
19. TV-MA       (Introjection)
20. TV-MA-S     (Weaving a Story 2: Oral Stage)
21. TV-14-LV    (He Was Aware He Was Still a Child)
22. TV-14-L     (Don't Be)
23. TV-MA       (Rei III)
24. TV-14-V     (The Beginning and the End, or Knockin' on Heaven's Door)
25. TV-MA       (Do You Love Me?)
26. TV-14-D     (Take Care of Yourself)

Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit:
01. TV-PG      (Balsa, the Female Bodyguard)
02. TV-PG      (Hunter, Hunted)
03. TV-PG-V    (Fight to the Death)
04. TV-PG-V    (Torogai's Letter)
05. TV-PG      (Secret Plan, the Blue Hand)
06. TV-PG-V    (To Die in the Misty Blue)
07. TV-PG      (Chagum's Resolve)
08. TV-PG      (The Swordswmith)
09. TV-PG      (Shuga Thirsts)
10. TV-PG      (Soil and Heroes)
11. TV-PG      (Flower Wine for Tanda)
12. TV-PG      (The Summer Solstice Festival)
13. TV-PG-V    (Neither Human nor Tiger)
14. TV-PG      (The Knot)
15. TV-PG      (Unexpected Death)
16. TV-PG      (With All One's Heart)
17. TV-PG      (The Water Mill Burns)
18. TV-PG      (The Ancient Village)
19. TV-PG      (Escape)
20. TV-PG      (To Hunter's Hole)
21. TV-PG-V    (Jiguro Musa)
22. TV-PG-V    (Season of Awakening)
23. TV-PG      (In Search of the Shigu Salua)
24. TV-PG-LV   (The Last Hope)
25. TV-PG      (Celebration)
26. TV-PG      (Departure)

Kakurenbo: Hide and Seek
01. TV-14-V    (Movie)

Death Note:
01. TV-14-V    (Rebirth)
02. TV-14-LV   (Confrontation)
03. TV-14-LV   (Dealings)
04. TV-14-V    (Pursuit)
05. TV-14-V    (Tactics)
06. TV-14      (Unraveling)
07. TV-14      (Overcast)
08. TV-14      (Glare)
09. TV-14      (Encounter)
10. TV-14      (Doubt)
11. TV-14      (Assault)
12. TV-14-V    (Love)
13. TV-14      (Confession)
14. TV-14      (Friend)
15. TV-14-V    (Wager)
16. TV-14      (Decision)
17. TV-14-DV   (Execution)
18. TV-14      (Ally)
19. TV-14      (Matsuda)
20. TV-14      (Makeshift)
21. TV-14-DLV  (Performance)
22. TV-14      (Guidance)
23. TV-14-LV   (Frenzy)
24. TV-14      (Revival)
25. TV-14-V    (Silence)
26. TV-14-V    (Renewal)
27. TV-14-LV   (Abduction)
28. TV-14-LV   (Impatience)
29. TV-14-V    (Father)
30. TV-14-V    (Justice)
31. TV-14-V    (Transfer)
32. TV-14-V    (Selection)
33. TV-14      (Scorn)
34. TV-14      (Vigilance)
35. TV-14-V    (Malice)
36. TV-14-V    (1.28)
37. TV-MA      (New World)

Deadman Wonderland:
01. TV-MA-V  (Death Row Inmate)
02. TV-MA-V  (Candy)
03. TV-MA-V  (G Block)
04. TV-MA-V  (Crow Claw)
05. TV-MA-V  (Carnival Corpse)
06. TV-MA-V  (Hummingbird)
07. TV-MA-V  (Wretched Egg)
08. TV-MA-V  (Scar Chain)
09. TV-MA-V  (Worm Eater)
10. TV-MA-V  (Undertaker)
11. TV-MA-V  (Gig of Despair)
12. TV-MA-V  (Grateful Dead)

I'd love to find Trigun and Ghost in the Shell, although it seems to be a hard find. I'll try to see if I have more of my own tapings :-D.
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Thanks Numy! Wolf's Rain is, to this day, my favorite anime of all time.

Also, all of those are correct, except Deadman Wonderland:
1. TV-MA-V
2. TV-MA-V
3. TV-MA-V
4. TV-MA-V
5. TV-MA-V
6. TV-MA-V
7. TV-MA
8. TV-MA-V
9. TV-MA-V
10. TV-MA
11. TV-MA-V
12. TV-MA-V

I do not know the ratings to Trigun. That, Kikaider, and s-CRY-ed are the only ones I'm missing (unless you count those two missing episodes of Pilot Candidate, however I am almost 100% those two were TV-Y7-FV). I do, however, have GITS.

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex
1. Section 9 (TV-14-V)
2. Testation (TV-14)
3. Android and I (TV-14)
4. Intercepter (TV-14)
5. Decoy (TV-14-LS)
6. Meme (TV-14-V)
7. Idolator (TV-14-V)
8. Missing Hearts (TV-14)
9. Chat! Chat! Chat! (TV-14)
10. Jungle Cruise (TV-14-LSV)
11. Portraitz (TV-14)
12. Escape From (TV-14)
13. Not Equal (TV-14-V)
14. ¥€$ (TV-14-S)
15. Machines Desirantes (TV-PG)
16. Ag2O (TV-PG-LV)
17. Angel's Share (TV-PG-DL)
18. Lost Heritage (TV-14)
19. Captivated (TV-14-LV)
20. Re-View (TV-14-V)
21. Eraser (TV-14-LV)
22. Scandal (TV-14)
23. Equinox (TV-14)
24. Annihilation (TV-14-V)
25. Barrage (TV-14-V)
26. Stand Alone Complex (TV-14-V)

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd Gig
1. Reembody (TV-MA-V)
2. Night Cruise (TV-MA)
3. Cash Eye (TV-14-DS)
4. Natural Enemy (TV-14-V)
5. Inductance (TV-14-V)
6. Excavation (TV-14)
7. 239/94 Pu (TV-14-LV)
8. Fake Food (TV-14-V)
9. Ambivalence (TV-14-V)
10. Trial (TV-14-LV)
11. Affection (TV-14)
12. Selecon (TV-MA)
13. Make Up (TV-MA)
14. Poker Face (TV-14)
15. PAT. (TV-14-LV)
16. Another Chance (TV-14-V)
17. Red Data (TV-14-V)
18. Trans Parent (TV-14-V)
19. Chain Reaction (TV-14-LV)
20. Fabricate Fog (TV-MA)
21. Embarrassment (TV-14-L)
22. Reversal Process (TV-14-L)
23. Martial Law (TV-14-LV)
24. Nuclear Power (TV-MA)
25. This Side of Justice (TV-14-V)
26. Endless Infinite Gig (TV-14-V)


Dude, you are seriously awesome!! Thank you!! :-D

Man, s-CRY-Ed was a real fun show, I dug it. I found a few ratings online but only some episodes, and unconfirmed :| Here's what I have:
01. TV-PG (Kazuma)
07. TV-PG-L (Asuka Tachibana)
10. TV-PG-L (Super Pinch)
13. TV-PG-LV (The Lost Ground)
16. TV-PG-V (So Kigetsuki)
21. TV-PG-LV (Holy Eye)
23. TV-PG-V (Scheris Adjani)
24. TV-PG-LV (Fist)
26. TV-PG-V (Dream)

(Also, regarding s-CRY-Ed; HAMMER!!!!! :-P sorry, loved that episode!)

I found these for Trigun on the same site, but they're also incomplete, and unverified:
01. TV-14-L (The $$60 Billion Man)
02. TV-PG-V (Truth of Mistake)
03. TV-14  (Peace Maker)
04. TV-14-LV (Love & Peace)
05. TV-14-V (Hard Puncher)
06. TV-14 (Lost July)
12. TV-14-V (Diablo)
15. TV-14-LV (Demon's Eye)
16. TV-14-LV (Fifth Moon)
17. TV-14-SV (Rem Saverem)
18. TV-14-V (Goodbye for Now)
19. TV-14-V (Hang Fire)
20. TV-14-V (Flying Ship)
24. TV-14-V (Sin)

Regarding Pilot Candidate, I found these online:
01. TV-Y7-FV (Connection)
02. TV-Y7-FV (Alignment)
03. TV-Y7-FV (EX)
04. TV-Y7-FV (Consciousness)
05. TV-Y7-FV (Partner)
06. TV-Y7-FV (Combination)
07. TV-Y7-FV (Pro Ing)
08. TV-Y7-FV (Ground Battle)
09. TV-Y7-FV (Death)
10. TV-Y7-FV (Dreams)
11. TV-Y7-FV (Jealousy)
12. TV-PG (Drift)
13. (Unaired - Friends)

Sadly I didn't catch the show when it aired, so I don't know if the unaired episode thing is true.

And here's what I found online for Kikaider:
05. TV-14 (City of Rain)
06. TV-PG (Negative Fragments)
08. Unaired (Blue Moon, Red Dreams - recap episode)
11. TV-PG-V (The Destroyer)
12. TV-PG-S (The Machine that Dreams)
13. TV-PG-V (The End of the Dream)

Hope someone can help us fill in the missing episodes :|. Also, does anyone have Outlaw Star ratings? I read someone say that and Tenchi Muyo were TV-Y7-FV but I don't know how true that is.
"For a moment, I lost my head. I was just a selfish, confused torso." - Bob Oblong


Outlaw Star and Tenchi Muyo were both TV-Y7-FV because they were just glorified Toonami reruns with slight alterations. I am not sure if Trigun episode 4 was consistently TV-14 or TV-14-LV because one person I know has an airing of that episode that was just plain TV-14. As for Kikaider, there were also the 4 OVA episodes that [as] aired to which the ratings of those are currently unknown.

As for s-CRY-ed, my favorites were the Super Pinch episode, the Mad Sprict one, and anything with Straight Cougar. Though the one with Biff was hilarious.


Hmm, I'd err on the TV-14 then, at least it's a more solid hint. Sucks this kinda stuff is hard to find  :|. I hope someone can help. Didn't know [as] aired the 4 OVAs after the main series, that's quite rad! [as] has been mostly quite good to us anime fans :-D, and now with Toonami it's even better!
"For a moment, I lost my head. I was just a selfish, confused torso." - Bob Oblong


Also, two more! I doubt a bunch more people are interested in this one, but I love the show, and the ratings are from my own recordings :-P

01. TV-PG   (Struggle at the South Pole)
02. TV-PG-V (Battle at the Bottom of the World)
03. TV-PG   (Sting of the Spider)
04. TV-PG-V (Return of the Spider)
05. TV-PG-V (Spider's Revenge)
06. TV-PG-V (The Secret Valley)
07. TV-PG   (The Diamond Smugglers)
08. TV-PG-V (Dangerous Doctor Diamond)
09. TV-PG-V (Force of Terror)
10. TV-PG-V (World in Danger)
11. TV-PG-V (Badge of Danger)
12. TV-PG   (The Smoke Robots)
13. TV-PG-V (The Freezer Ray)
14. TV-PG-V (The Magic Multiplier)
15. TV-PG-V (The Submarine Base)
16. TV-PG-V (Treasure Mountain)
17. TV-PG   (The Mystery Missile)
18. TV-PG-V (The Giant Cobra)
19. TV-PG   (The Great Hunt)
20. TV-PG-V (The Deadly Web)
21. TV-PG-V (The Atomic Flame)
22. TV-PG   (The Incredible Speed Machine)
23. TV-PG-V (The Monster Magnet)
24. TV-PG-V (Target: Jupiter)
25. TV-PG   (Trap at 20 Fathoms)
26. TV-PG-V (Monsters from the Deep)
27. TV-PG   (Will the Real Gigantor Stand Up)
28. TV-PG-V (Ten Thousand Gigantors)
29. TV-PG   (The Plot to Seize Gigantor)
30. TV-PG-V (The Space Submarine)
31. TV-PG-V (Gigantor Who)
32. TV-PG   (The Robot Olympics)
33. TV-PG-V (The Crossbones Caper)
34. TV-PG-V (Ransom at Point X)
35. TV-PG-V (The Gypsy Spaceship)
36. TV-PG-V (The Space Cats)
37. TV-PG-V (Return of Magnaman)
38. TV-PG-V (Vanishing Mountain)
39. TV-PG-V (The Insect Monsters)
40. TV-PG-V (The City Smashers)
41. TV-PG-V (The Robot Firebird)
42. TV-PG-V (Magnaman of Outer Space)
43. TV-PG   (The Robot Albatross)
44. TV-PG-V (Battle of the Robot Giants)
45. TV-PG-V (The Deadly Sting Rays)
46. TV-PG-V (Gigantor and the Desert Fire)
47. TV-PG-V (The Atomic Whale)
48. TV-PG-V (The Secret Formula Robbery)
49. TV-PG-V (The Evil Robot Brain)
50. TV-PG   (The Devil Gantry)
51. TV-PG-V (The Robot Arsenal)
52. TV-PG-V (Danger's Dinosaurs)

And here are unverified web ones for another quite cool show

Samurai 7
01. TV-PG-V  (The Master/The Murderer)
02. TV-PG-V  (The Pupil)
03. TV-PG-V  (The Entertainer)
04. TV-PG-V  (The Loner)
05. TV-PG-LV (The Drifter)
06. TV-PG-LV (The Fool)
07. TV-PG-V  (The Friend)
08. TV-PG-V  (The Guardians)
09. TV-PG-LV (The Bandits)
10. TV-PG-V  (The Journey)
11. TV-PG-LV (The Village)
12. TV-PG-LV (The Truth)
13. TV-PG-LV (The Attack)
14. TV-PG-LV (The Offering)
15. TV-PG-V  (The Gun and the Calm)
16. TV-PG-V  (The Storm)
17. TV-PG-LV (The Remembrance)
18. TV-PG-V  (The Emperor)
19. TV-PG-V  (The Mutiny)
20. TV-PG-LV (The Execution)
21. TV-PG-V  (The Rescue)
22. TV-PG-LV (The Divide)
23. TV-PG-V  (The Lies)
24. TV-PG-V  (The Oaths)
25. TV-14-V  (The Last Battle)
26. TV-14-LV (The Era's End)
"For a moment, I lost my head. I was just a selfish, confused torso." - Bob Oblong


Actually, that's a bit interesting, because I was under the impression Gigantor was just pasted a TV-PG-V every episode. Good to actually know the ratings for that show.

I can verify all of Samurai 7, as I had watched and recorded all of the ratings down from that show, lost the file, then asked someone on ASMB about it, and got the ratings. Not to mention, I have on VHS the last three episodes.


I thought that as well when I was checking them out, until I found one of the TV-PG episodes :lol: same sorta thing happened going through my Shin Chan recordings:

01. TV-14-DL (Safe as a Dry Hump)
02. TV-14-DL (Pee Strike)
03. TV-14-DL (Honor and a Penis)
04. TV-14-DL (Get Your Hands Off My Happy Cake!)
05. TV-14-DL (Gigantic One-Eyed Monster)
06. TV-14-DL (Gum is a Good Food to Eat)
07. TV-14-DL (A Mutha Bleeping Bunny!)
08. TV-14-DL (The Shin Must Poop On)
09. TV-14-DL (Shady Real Estate Office, Ho!)
10. TV-14-DL (Can't Abort Them When They're Not Yours)
11. TV-14-DL (Irregular Tampons on Sale)
12. TV-14-DL (Get Yours, or Die)
13. TV-14-DL (Swimming, Diving and Scuba Team)
14. TV-14-DL (More of a "Snug" than a "Magnum")
15. TV-MA    (In the Interest of Increased Ratings...)
16. TV-14-DL (Stikcy's My Favorite Flavor)
17. TV-MA    (OK, But I'm a Power Bottom)
18. TV-14-DL (The Girls of 34-C)
19. TV-MA    (The Herpes Effect)
20. TV-14-DL (Gratuitous ... Nudity)
21. TV-MA    (At Least They Pay for the Ouchie)
22. TV-14-DL (Damn You, Telepathy!)
23. TV-14-DL (Your IQ's Like 5, Right?)
24. TV-14-DL (Stop Referencing the Show!)
25. TV-14-DL (Condescending Spanish for Heiresses)
26. TV-14-DL (Gratuitous Grandparent Nudity)
27. TV-MA    (Shin Wars)
28. TV-MA    (The Stalker Songs)
29. TV-14-DL (Double Fried Flavor)
30. TV-MA    (Miscarriage Return Policy)
31. TV-MA    (Lucky Bastard Fever!)
32. TV-MA    (It's Actually Better for Anal)
33. TV-MA    (Tummy Clcok Says It's Three)
34. TV-MA    (Green Like Good Boy Pills)
35. TV-MA    (AIDS is Hilarious)
36. TV-MA    (How to Bury a Smack-Addict)
37. TV-14-DL (The Emperor's Love)
38. TV-14-DL (Her Little Gang-Bang Miracles)
39. TV-MA    (Childrens Were Our Future)
40. TV-MA    (Shin Chan: The High School Years)
41. TV-MA    (Tell the Cops She Looked Eighteen)
42. TV-MA    (I Can't Find Your ****ing Legs)
43. TV-MA    (An Angel Gets Its Period)
44. TV-MA    (Unlicensed Therapy)
45. TV-MA    (A Total Jack Barnes Move)
46. TV-MA    (Gonna Need More Fingers)
47. TV-MA    (Sexy-Ass Wild Fartin' Cowboy)
48. TV-MA    (Morning Vacuuming)
49. TV-14-DL (Unfortunately For You I Had Ribs)
50. TV-MA    (Domestic Abuse Isn't That Funny)
51. TV-MA    (Box For Hire?)
52. TV-MA    (The Epic-ish Battle Comenceth!)

Thought it was all TV-MA at first.
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I thought Shin Chan was all TV-14-DL until around episode 21 when it became all TV-MA.


Quote from: mongo on December 21, 2013, 08:43:25 AM
Sadly I didn't catch the show when it aired, so I don't know if the unaired episode thing is true.
The last episode ("Friends") was an OVA and never aired on Adult Swim.

Quote from: mongo on December 21, 2013, 08:43:25 AMHope someone can help us fill in the missing episodes :|.
I can double check the ratings listed here for Kikaider, s-CRY-ed, and Trigun as well as fill in any blanks (as best I can).  I know I have all of Trigun and s-CRY-ed from their initial runs (or second runs as is the case for one or two Trigun episodes) on Adult Swim.  Not sure I have all of Kikaider but I have a majority.  It's just a matter of pulling the tapes out and fast-forwarding to find the episodes. :-P
I shouldn't be here...


Awesome!!! Big thanks for both the clarification and the ratings offer, bumperella! :-D
"For a moment, I lost my head. I was just a selfish, confused torso." - Bob Oblong