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Old School Adultswim

Started by tyrone698, September 30, 2013, 12:05:06 AM

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Ummm is it me, or should they create a new channel for the old school [adult swim] ...i mean they did it for cartoonnetwork, you know boomerang. Thats just my opinion, because i hate the way adultswim is now ...back then around 2003-2005 when adultswim first came out they had 2 episodes of futurama, the rest of the episodes were all anime, and the best in and out commercial bumps ever played. Adultswim was perfect back then, thats why i feel they should make a new channel for old school adultswim 24/7


Oh, the many arguments I've made against an AS network on Toon Zone over the years...

Adult Swim is already too long as it is. It's a 9-hour block consisting of Fox shows and reruns (heck, it was already too long when it was just 8 hours). Imagine expanding that to 24 hours.


Well I wouldnt mind having the old school as to have for its own channel, besides they did have alot of shows like harvey birdman, home movies, space ghost, and alot of anime, I just wish I had all the bumps that were played back then sure alot of anime and futurama freaks would love that


Maybe at night time on Boomerang, they should show old school Adult Swim. Like Adult swim from 01-06 or something like that.


yea i guess so may starting at 9pm ...they should create a new channel specifically for all old school adult swim shows like harvey birdman, space ghost, sealab, and the anime like inuyasha, blue gender, g gundam, flcl,witch hunter robin, wolf's rain, etc, all those anime shows that started 2001-2005 and the best commercial bumbs during that time


Agreed. That's a good idea. I also agree the best commercials were during 2001-2005. 2006 was also a good for commercials. I should try contacting AS about our idea but there's a chance it's just going to be ignored.


Trust me, it's not the first time they've heard it.

I can get just as nostalgic as the next guy about Old School Swim, but nostalgia by definition is 'better than it really was'. If nothing ever changes it becomes stagnant (Family Guy reruns, anyone?) You also don't seem to understand that most of the anime shows that appeared they no longer have the rights to air. I miss weeknight anime, I really do. But it doesn't pay the bills, it never has.

You may not realize just how much of your bump nostalgia is tied up with the shows they aired next to. Depending on which generation we're talking about those bumps always ran either with the show for which they were created (always in the same order,) or at the same time every night - like clockwork. They were part of the rhythm of the block, it made them comforting. That's the same reason we all miss the regular end-of-the-block bumps AS is Your Friend and The Dawn is Your Enemy. The current cycling bumps really don't all suck. I rather like the giant owls, and the The Fax saga is really quite entertaining as a whole. What's annoying is there are SO MANY and the seemingly random willy-nilly scheduling of them. Heck, we only had half of The Fax story for over a year.
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