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Started by JPR2473, February 14, 2013, 11:34:54 PM

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Hey guys. Im a newbie in this [bump worthy] forum. And I'm wondering if you can upload adult swim bumps to [bump worthy].



I don't quite understand the question... If you mean custom made user bumps, we have a thread in the forums where you can post YouTube links and showcase your work. We invite you to share it with us!! If you mean uploading a bump from the air, only approved moderators can do so, but if you have something we don't feel free to send any of us a a message so we can get in touch!

Don't worry about being a newbie, have fun and welcome to the forums! And if we disn't answer your question feel free to post here again :-D
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There used to be a way for registered members to upload bumps and then the mods could approve it before it would be visible on the site.

I think it got axed in one of the site redesigns since it was mostly intended to be used for fan-made bumps instead of official on-air bumps. 

It was decided that hosting fan-made bumps here would be too much of a legal minefield depending on what images / music were used.

As for members helping to upload on-air bumps, I guess we could use the help?  The other mods who do the capturing and uploading might know more about that than me. You will download Adult Swim promos and intros because we told you to.
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I'm not sure uploading is the real problem. We've had a traffic jam in the approval process for so long that it hasn't come up.  :|
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