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Random Bump reads "Image Unavailable"

Started by Daikun, March 29, 2012, 02:06:06 AM

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I see this every time I go to the front page.

What's going on? :-o


Are you using Internet Explorer by any chance? I've just noticed recently that I can't get any bumps to load in IE8... and I just checked and I also get that same "unavailable" message. I don't normally use IE so I don't know how long it's been going on.  :|

...hmmm... scratch that, it may be entirely unrelated. I just opened Opera and none of the thumbnails were working.

I guess I better go check some others :P ... I can't fix any of it myself, though, so that sucks.

Yep, also not working in Firefox, Chrome & Safari.

Side note: the bump player loads fine in IE9, just not in IE8... I don't think I have any machines running any older versions.
You caught me at a bad time -

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It was working perfectly for me yesterday but I'm getting it today on IE9, Chrome and Firefox :-(
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Seeing it as well.  I'm investigating!   8-)


Looks like a problem only my host can fix.  I've contacted support and should hear back from them soon.