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Granny's PC problems

Started by exeffingdee, April 20, 2011, 08:09:53 PM

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hey all - sorry if this is already somewhere else; i looked around for about 15 minutes and didn't see anything so..

when i try to watch some of the Granny's PC bumps, the video starts out fine and the audio is always in tact, but after about 2 seconds the video scrambles out into transparent pixels or whatever; you can kind of see Granny and the PC hand but it's all in gray white and background(the wall of the room in the bump)colored.

is this a simple flash problem i'm describing ? could it be that i use FireFox ? i also tried Internet Explorer and then Safari and encountered the same problem.

so yes.. oh - also, i tried posting this under Errors as well but i couldn't seem to find the Reply option so..hope this is okay, don't mean to make clutter.

thanx for any and all help, advice or otherwise.

and as i am wont to reiterate, two-thousand and one thanx to the staff here at Bumpworthy for providing this invaluable and most(ly) entertaining snapshot of a unique moment in modern television history. i really find Adult Swim to be pretty cutting edge and find the community on this site to be a welcome affirmation of the collective culture, power and continued existence of the generation that grew up never having not known cartoons on TV and now interacts with them and their purveyors.
Being an adult doesn't mean not enjoying cartoons, and that something is- or is affiliated with-a cartoon doesn't mean it's not art and that it doesn't have something to say; if only about the zeitgeist of our time and society.

..or maybe i just need to get out more xDAAHHAhaHahAhAhAHAhAhAhAha

ya'll are the best. keep it shockin' in the virtual world. punk. rock. empathy.


Thanks for the kind words!  I'm looking into your problem.  Unfortunately it seems like this is a very rare issue.

The only suggestion I have is to try and disable hardware acceleration in Flash Player.  Right click the video and go to Settings, then find the Display settings tab and uncheck "Enable hardware acceleration".  This might work for you.  If not, I don't know what to tell you for now  :|  If you can provide some more information such as Flash Player version, operating system, and exactly which bumps it happens on, I might be able to investigate further.

One more thing: make sure you have the latest version of Flash Player.  That always helps  :lol: