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Full Bumps?

Started by cender13, January 01, 2012, 11:20:02 PM

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I love the bumps I've been on this site for a year but there one thing that's been bugging me that finally got me to register. Why have just the 15 second bumps? I understand that its the commercial time but don't you think that it would be good to have the full songs as well as the 15 second clip? Is there something to do with the copyrights and/or bandwidth that hasn't made this happen?


Copyright issues are EXACTLY the reason.

If you scroll below each bump, BW provides links to where you can listen to the full songs (if they're available, anyway). They won't post the full songs themselves.


Yep; to put it simply it would be illegal for us to host full length versions of the songs (at least without incurring in royalty charges, and even then the libraries would most likely not let us). The bumps themselves (what airs on TV) we post here, the rest, well, we give you the info so you can listen to and/or buy the songs. Sorry :| Still, welcome to the site, I hope you enjoy it! :-D
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