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Missing Items & Requests / Re: Found a lost bump.
Last post by atombomb horse - October 19, 2022, 01:21:37 AM
I think this bump does air from time to time still, but it is not exactly a "bump", it's called an "Adult Swim ID" and when these first were airing in 2014-2017, they used them only in between commercial breaks rather than as a bump slot right before or after the show. I don't think it was intended to have the ID's get posted here as they all get officially posted to YouTube. Plus late 2014 was the last time they added anything here as there was some sort of technical issue after that point which explains why the site isn't updated.
Missing Items & Requests / Found a lost bump.
Last post by SKB99 - October 16, 2022, 11:32:00 PM
A friend and I were discussing AS and bumps the other night and they brought up one that I had never heard of before. I linked them to the site and they couldn't find it hear. After trying to help them find it with different keywords, my friend found it on youtube. When we tried to look here, it wasn't on the site. Unsure if it is fanmade or if it was just missed.
BumpWorthy and Bumps / Re: Post User Created Bumps he...
Last post by LK Gaming - October 09, 2022, 10:28:38 AM
@Athias thanks. And as always, keep up the good work.

Speaking of bumps, I've got 6 new bumps that I'm willing to share:

There are some bumps from my channel that I have not posted here. If you wanna check 'em out, go to my yt:
BumpWorthy and Bumps / Re: Post User Created Bumps he...
Last post by Athias - October 02, 2022, 02:17:24 AM
@LK: I know the feeling, man. As always, great bumps.

This isn't necessarily an adult swim bump. This is just something I threw together to commemorate Cartoon Network's 30th Birthday. I know it's a day removed, but I got the idea Saturday evening and well, here it is:

Cartoon Network - Happy 30th Birthday [4K]

It would've been impractical to use more clips, which I intended to do when thinking of it initially (e.g. Code Name Kids Next Door, Ben 10, Samurai Jack, some Toonami clips, etc.) With that said, all feedback is welcome.