Sponsored Bumps 2

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**APM tracks are not available to the public for purchase or download but you are free to listen to them at their site. Go to http://www.apmmusic.com and click on 'Launch APM search' in the upper right corner. When it's fully loaded the search bar will be at the top, click the gear icon to the left of the bar to choose what fields to search.


This is awesome.

*First song only - additional tracks below:

Super Baby Superstore

Artist: Sylvette Baeckler
Album: The K-Box
Title: Killa Kitty
Available From: Turner Library
This track is not available to the public for purchase or download, but you can listen to it here.

Dogshark Capital

Artist: Flying Lotus
Album: Reset EP
Title: Spicy Sammich
Available From: Amazon

Artist: Ghislain Poirier
Album: Breakupdown
Title: Don't Smile, It's Post Modern


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