Rated AO: Chapter 2

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Air Date: Sep 04, 2005
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September 4, 2005 ~ Westchester, Connecticut Edition
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[Adult Swim in no way actually condones the use or dissemination of bit pornography and is not responsible for the use or dissemination of bit pornography that it has itself used or disseminated. If sued and/or charged with any crime regarding said obvious grounds for being sued and/or charged with a crime Adult Swim would like it's viewers and the jury to note that Adult Swim plans to firmly deny all charges and offers up it's lineup of shows as evidence for a possible insanity plea. Adult Swim would also like for it's viewers to note that Bit sex, actual or imagined, is degrading not only to Bits but to the Bit six crazed Bit sex addicts who partake in it. Bit sex is not for anyone regardless of age, gender, or lack of decency. View at your own risk.]


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