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Air Date: Jan 03, 2010
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OK, a bit of conflict in this one... this is NOT an [adult swim] bump. This is a bump made by the creators of Family Guy and added to the episode Big Man on Hippocampus as a joke. This prompted a lot of confusion when aired on Fox until it was later present in the [adult swim] airing as well, followed by an actual [adult swim] made bump. Since we've received many questions about it, here it is. This is from the Fox airing, hence the lack of the lower screen [adult swim] bug present during their programming (which gave away in the [adult swim] airing that this was not a "real" bump). This must've been a factor of confusion since it made the bump look much more authentic on the Fox airing. A clue that the bump was fake is the unusual 18 second duration instead of the 10/15 seconds of an actual [adult swim] bump, but this is obviously barely noticeable during a live broadcast.
Big thanks to forum member terrorist96 for providing the source video.
FOX air date: January 3, 2010

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